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April 26, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – April 26

Attendees:  Bill Frikken, Meegan Willi, Garry Brand, Mark Nordblom, Eric Kunnen


1) Language Pack Customization Request for Copyright (Research)

  • This is technically possible in a future version of Blackboard.  The current implementation of the new VTBE doesn’t support custom language packs.

2) Summer Course Availability on Monday (Timing)

  • S12 course available on Sunday night at 10PM on production.
  • W12 courses will continue to be available for another few weeks.
  • W12 courses will be made unavailable on pilot server.

3) BB.ORIENT Automation Correction Needs Remaining (Move to BB.ORIENT.S12 Model?)

  • Script change is needed for S12.
  • Eric will inquire with David to check on this project and how it relates to PMO with a need.

4) Upcoming Bb Webinars on Automation

  • Mark and Bill are planning to attend these next week.

5) Making the iTunes U Project “Official” (We talked about this on December 7?)

  • Project manager needs to be assigned to this.  Eric will inquire with David and Darcy about the status that we started back in December.

6) Performance and Monitoring of SP8 for Pilot

  • Mark cleaned up disk space and performance improved.

7) Checklist Issues for SP8

  • Mark will work on placing changes and tracking them in asana.



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