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April 19, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting April 19th

In attendance: Garry Brand, Bill Frikken, Eric J. Kunnen, Mark Nordblom, Meegan Willi

SP8 Pilot

  • Summer begins April 30th
  • Automation – bb and bb18 are in sync; students who enroll are on Garry’s roster and in Blackboard, drops are dropped properly, except there are two extra users currently in Blackboard, but not on the class roster in PeopleSoft, not even on the drop roster.
    • Bill will look into this today.
  • Hardware, application wise
    • It is a little laggy.
    • We need to be aware that the VM does not have the same specifications as the current production server hardware.
  • Discussion board issue is still an issue for Garry.
  • Snapshot began running on bb18 yesterday.
    • Garry will monitor the drops in his classes to see if everything works as expected.
  • When do we have to cut off the VM and when do we have to install SP8 onto Production for the Fall?
    • Grades are due Wednesday, August 15th
    • Our test environment is available so that we could keep the pilot courses doing through the entire semester on bb18 and use the test server for anything we need to try before upgrading production.
    • By mid-June the first seven week classes will be done, and we should be ready to start upgrading test to SP8.
      • Test course creation and then the upgrade from SP6 to SP8 on test.
    • Timeline
      • bb (prod) – F12 created on 7/27; upgrade to SP8 on Thursday 8/16
      • bb18 (pilot) – bring VM out of service on Thursday 8/16
      • bb16 (test) -F12 courses on 7/27;  upgrade to SP8 by Friday 6/15
    • Communication to faculty will be key – particularly since the courses will look different and the server will be taken down two weeks before the semester start. (Postcard)
  • Known issues
    • Take a look at known issues
    • Go through instructor and student acceptance lists
  • Strategy to stay in contact with pilot faculty – lunch meetings – one before the pilot begins and one later on in the summer.
    • Kick-off – show features, tell them how to communicate their issues.
    • Eric and Meegan will get the dates set


  • Bill met with Dave on this project today to get this in the Project Management process



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