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April 11, 2012 / dlitgroup

Using Learner Analytics to Identify and Promote Effective Teaching Practices

UMBC’s most active LMS course requires students to pass preclass quizzes before accessing and submitting later assignments. Consequently, student activity has skyrocketed, and scores are 20% higher on the department’s common final exam. In this presentation, we’ll show how learner analytics helped identify this course and how sharing student LMS activity reports among faculty helps promote effective teaching practices and practitioners. Participants will understand how to (1) identify where students are congregating in an online course, (2) correlate student activity to performance (this assumes that activity can be a proxy for engagement), and (3) promote effective practices and practitioners to support faculty development in authentic learning communities.

AVP, Instructional Technology & New Media
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Slide from this session are available here.
  • Blackboard reports are available by UMBC at:
  • Most active Blackboard courses is also available.
  • By tracking most actively used Blackboard course (by students)
  • “Student success is not only passing a course, but also passing the next one that requires it.” – Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, President, UMBC
  • With more Blackboard use, student satisfaction results can go down, however, student success does improve based on studies by UMBC.
  • Blackboard activity by discipline reports.
  • ECAR study that the most valued function is the ability to check grades or practice grades through assignments and assessments.
  • UMBC Bb gradebook use tracking went from 46% use in Fall 2009 and has grown to over 54% in Spring 2011.
  • Use of Bb level 1 = Pull (User and Document Management)
  • Level 2 = Push (Communications)
  • Level 3 = Push and Pull (Assessments)
  • A framework for LMS Analysis – engagement with learning community, with content, assessment, administrative tasks.
  • UMBC is in a field trial of Blackboard Analytics for Learn.  This system allows for tracking across all courses system wide in Blackboard.

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