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April 11, 2012 / dlitgroup

Learning Analytics Breakout

Brainstorming using the huddle boards in the Center for Teaching Excellence...

Garry Brand, Meegan Willi, and Eric Kunnen participated in a breakout session on Learning Analytics (LA) during the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Online Spring Focus Session.

The goal of this breakout is to begin a discussion on the foundational questions that would make up a LA initiative.

Purpose Statement:

  • To identify, collect, measure, and review (actionable) learning analytics at GRCC in a way that improves student retention and success.

Primary Goals

  • Create a LA framework that includes faculty and student facing data. (e.g. comparison of student activity, class averages, and grade distribution)
  • Ability to reference multiple data sources (e.g. Peoplesoft, Project ASTRO, Blackboard Analytics for Learn, Blackboard Analytics, and Starfish.)
  • Process for determining needed data, collection tools, and actions based on identified data.
  • Once metrics are in place, identify who has access.  (Consider FERPA, faculty evaluation, etc.)
  • Link project to GRCC strategy initiatives such as college action projects, department plans, etc.  (e.g. Who needs data and how does it connect? Faculty Professional Development CAP, Early Alert CAP, DL CAP, Student Success CAP, course redesign work, curriculum and program review, etc.)
  • Identify stakeholders and areas to take action – close the loop on feedback and improve!

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