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April 11, 2012 / gbrand

Capturing Lectures AND Analytics!

Just finished a session on “Learning Analytics Impact Upon Course Design and Student Support Services” by Byron R. Roush, Manager of Instructional Services, at The Ohio State University. He started his presentation talking about something that has bugged me since we started using Camtasia Relay for lecture capture – how do we know if it makes a difference?

At a course level, I track who accesses the video in Blackboard. If they are not doing well and not watching the video, I recommend that they utilize the resource. This is a manual process. Consistent with my mantra lately, I want visual, actionable analytics available to faculty and learners! Some examples would include:

  • % of course participants watching lecture capture videos
  • performance comparisons of students who watch and those who don’t
  • number of minutes watched and the number of videos each learner has watched

To me, there are several ways to gather lecture capture data: (1) via the lecture capture server, (2) through the LMS, or (3) some third-party analytics tool. Perhaps it’s best to provide data regardless of the source of the media. Can today’s LMS (e.g. Blackboard) measure detailed use of YouTube, NBC Video, lecture capture, etc? I’m interested in your comments on the best way to link learning analytics with lecture capture!


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