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April 11, 2012 / dlitgroup

Analytics that Inform the University

This session will describe the Center of Distributed Learning’s top-down/bottom-up approach to using data for strategic decision making at the University of Central Florida. The process capitalizes on existing institutional data by designing responsive extraction models that facilitate an understanding of how the distributed learning initiative impacts virtually all aspects of the university. The top-down approach collates information about programs and modalities and the degree to which colleges and departments have implemented online initiatives. The bottom-up approach provides continuous monitoring of outcomes attributable to distributed learning. This session will demonstrate that (1) much extant university data can provide analytic insights, (2) analytics can be instrumental in strategic planning, (3) large data sets do not have to be daunting, and (4) systemic data collection and analysis is advantageous.

Assistant Vice President
University of Central Florida
Director, Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness
University of Central Florida
  • Presentation slides available here.
  • Executive Information System (EIS)

    • Faculty development scheduling
    • Historical faculty teaching records
    • Course schedule data
    • Productivity data
    • Student demographics
  • Data is vital to resource allocation, strategy, and planning…
  • Removing obstacles for faculty and students in their work to completing their degree.
  • Goals of the EIS
    • Provide administration close to real time metrics on distance learning.
    • Speed up the processing of university and state reporting requirements.
    • Better track faculty development
    • Enable us to ask more questions and dig for answers.
    • Better predict and shape our future
  • UCF found that the largest predictor of success is GPA:
  • UCF student success data in distance learning is impressive when compared to face to face and blended is the highest:
  • UCF has excellent evaluation ratings for their blended learning course modalities:

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