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April 4, 2012 / dlitgroup

Lecture Capture – In and Out of the Classroom Webinar

DLIT participated in a webinar hosted by Campus Technology on the topic of lecture capture on April 4th. (The full video/audio archive is available here.)

GRCC uses Camtasia Relay for lecture capture and many of the principles in this online event can be applied in teaching and learning here at the college.

The presenters were:

  • Sherri Cousin Davis,  Academic Dean and Director of Developmental Programs
  • Charmaine Smith Rogers, Instructor of Nursing

Lawson State Community College (Birmingham, Alabama) is using video and lecture capture resources in freshman orientation and nursing programs.  The college uses Blackboard and screen-cast capable through Tegrity software.  All courses are supported with both technologies.

The focus for freshman orientation of students is to provide ill-prepared students entering college, and also the lack of student self-sufficiency and accepting responsibility.  The freshman encounter program has 7 student learning outcomes.

  1. Ability to use online technologies
  2. Use critical thinking skills
  3. Use written, oral, and listening skills
  4. Ability to use appropriate social skills
  5. Effective time management skills
  6. Learning and study skills
  7. Identify leadership skills

Key areas included how to use technology more innovatively, how to better equip, engage, and empower students as well as how to move the orientation into the 21st century to better meet their needs.


Lecture capture tools can be used beyond the lecture and the classroom… it can be used to create screencasts and tutorials and as a multimedia authoring tool.

Screencasting and tools like Tegrity, echo360, or Camtasia Relay provides advantages because:

  • It can help to streamline curriculum and create consitency
  • Assist in the multimedia delivery of complex topics
  • Improves student experience and motivation
  • Increases engagement
  • Integrates with Blackboard
  • It moves beyond the course capture use to training

Video quizzes were also used to track viewing in Blackboard and to gather notes about how beneficial the videos were and to gather feedback to improve the resources.

Lawson State CC uses Tegrity to improve retention and attendance issues in Nursing courses.  100% of nursing faculty use lecture capture.  Over 200+ lectures are available to support the curriculum and this library is available to all students and in multiple courses.  Students loved immediate access to the lectures, that they can listen to them while driving at work, cleaning at home, etc.  They can also pause/stop/repeat the lectures.

The college found that (with some use of the Flipped Classroom model):

  1. Attendance improved
  2. Learning increased
  3. Interest in learning expanded
  4. Classes became more engaging
  5. Class time moved beyond teacher focus to student
  6. Students came to class more prepared
  7. Q&A in class was more engaging
  8. Discussion was more relevant

Lawson State CC found that retention rates increased from 50% to 78% passing while attendance increased.  Their NCLEX rates moved from 79% to 90% within a year!


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