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March 1, 2012 / dlitgroup

NBC Learn Video Content in Blackboard – Most Popular Videos in February

NBC Learn is a collection of video resources, primary sources, images, and text resources designed for use in K12 and higher education. Through the archives, faculty have access to thousands of video clips, including news footage of historic events, critical analysis, current events and mini-documentaries covering topics from early American history to the modern day.

Over the month of February, over 1,060 videos were used in the system and viewed for a total of 2,095 minutes.  The top videos watched by students at GRCC included:

  1. Who Talks More, Men or Women?
  2. Better Communication Needed Between the Sexes in the Workplace
  3. Want Fries Cooked in Lard with That?
  4. Chinese “Tiger Mom” Defends Tough Parenting
  5. Free iPhone 4 Cases: Fix or Fiasco?
  6. Tan: “The Kitchen God’s Wife”
  7. Capitol Hill Sleepovers: Ethics Violation?
  8. Food Costs Reach Crisis Proportions
  9. Tourists vs. Tortoises: Visitors Threaten Galapagos Islands
  10. Secret Software Tracks Phone Activity
  11. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Stolen Valor Act
  12. Supreme Court Rules Tracking Suspects via GPS Violates Privacy Laws
  13. SOPA Protest Grows
  14. Starting a Francise Business
  15. Inside the Teenage Brain

Interested in learning more about how to easily access a wealth of video content in Blackboard?

  • Visit DLIT’s NBC Learn web page to learn more about NBC Learn!
  • Access how to tipsheets and tutorials to learn how to insert a clip into your course in Blackboard!

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