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March 1, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – March 1st

Present: Meegan Willi, Mark Nordblom, Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand, Bill Frikken

Server Shutdown

  • The server will be down tomorrow for the rollback of the patch causing file permission issues.
  • Important Notifications Module
    • Used to alert students and faculty that Blackboard will be down, but currently this module is only available during the single point in time when there is an upcoming down time or other important announcement.
    • Discussion of the important notifications module and other modules to more effectively communicate with users.
    • Should the ITHelp Twitter feed go on the Blackboard login page or homepage?
    • There is a need for a communication strategy so that when we have a situation like today where there is only a day to give notice to users that the system will be down – do we push the message out via email.
  • Action Item: Mark will turn on important notifications and add  include a statement in the module to communicate scheduled downtime with dates and times.  (The second and fourth Fridays of the month are scheduled for down time between 10:00 pm and midnight)

Garry’s Mobile Issue

  • The Blackboard Mobile app is not being detected by the Grade Center and Needs Grading feature. When a student posts in the discussion board through the mobile app, the instructor is not being notified that the student posted anything.
  • Potentially, students may not be getting graded accurately. What is our role in communicating this issue out to faculty?
  • Garry will take a stab at crafting a communication for faculty.

Bb 18 & Analytics & Upcoming Sp 8 Pilot

  • Both our dev and test Blackboard installations share a host and are not as responsive and fast as the production server.
  • In the past an application server was taken out of production to run the pilot on instead of using test or dev.
  • We need this server in place before April 1st – to give faculty 30 days before the beginning of the Summer semester to allow faculty to build their courses.
  • Analytics needs to finish getting historical data off Bb18. To speed this up, we need to take Bb16 offline for a week to allocate more resources to Bb18 for building the data warehouse.
    • Then, we will need to rebuild Bb18 so it can be used for the SP8 pilot.
    • We need to also make Bb18 accessible to the public.
    • We also need to ensure that all the tools that will be used in the pilot will be accessible on Bb18 in SP8.

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