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February 27, 2012 / Meegan

eLearning12: Reflections from Josh Jarrett

From Here to 2020: Forces Reshaping Teaching and Learning in the Next Decade – Josh Jarrett

Josh Jarrett is the Senior Program Officer for Postsecondary Success at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He shared a wealth of information, much of which was rather eye opening to me. One of his comments which stuck out was that “this generation of 25-34 year olds is the first generation where these students (25-34) are less educated then their parents.” Wow. There seems to still be such a push today for kids to go to college and get a degree – it amazes me to hear a statement like this one. Josh promised to share his presentation, but I have yet to find it, for now, here are my notes.

When we look forward to 2020, what will we see?

  • More students enrolled
  • More competition
  • High completion rates
  • Lower cost per student
  • Smaller chunks of learning
    • What do I need to get X job?
    • Then, what is required to move on to the next level at my X job?
    • More, measurable indicators of learning

We are faced with four challenges for the next decade:

  1. Completion Challenge
  2. Quality Challenge
  3. Funding Challenge
  4. Demographic Challenge

This generation of 25-34 year olds is the first generation where these students (25-34) are less educated then their parents.

75% of students are non-traditional now.

There are so many challenges right now for these non-traditional students attending courses in systems developed for traditional students.

With no time to study, long commutes, and working multiple part time jobs to pay for school, students are almost set-up for failure.

3 Strategies to meet the 2020 challenges

  1. Personalize the learning moment
  2. Proactively manage pathways to completion
  3. Experiment with unbundled delivery models

Hardware will not be our problem much long – devices are getting more inexpensive.

Are we using this hardware well?

Logging in before the first day of the semester is the #1 predictor of student success in an online course – Purdue’s Course Signals system

Now that knowledge and expertise is abundant we can unbundle some of the things we traditionally had bundled in our learning systems.



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