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February 24, 2012 / Meegan

eLearning 12 Conference Update One

I had the pleasure of travelling to sunny Long Beach, CA for the Instructional Technology Council’s eLearning 12 Conference.

College: There’s An App for That!

Saturday evening set the stage for me with a presentation from Dean Kohrs. Kohrs authored Hacking College and his presentation was College: There’s An App for That! How Mobile Computing will Change Online Education. After this presentation it was impossible for me not to see all of the connections to smartphones. The implications of the disruptive technology (smart phones) that Kohrs spoke about is not limited to online education, it goes much further. Many students are walking into college classrooms with their smartphones. In fact, it is estimated that by the end of this year, there will be more smartphones on Earth than humans.

Kohrs identified six disruptive properties of the iPhone 4S (or any smartphone – he was simply putting this in terms of the phone he is most familiar with).

  1. Interoperability
  2. Geolocation
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Cloud Connectivity
  5. Extensibility
  6. Security

I was wrapped up in the session and didn’t take that many notes, so I don’t have a succinct definition for the six properties. I did find a nice description on this participant’s blog.

One statement that Kohrs made that resonated with me the most is the “making an ebook interactive is not that helpful – its the courses that need to be created as interactive courses.”


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