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February 16, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – February 16, 2012

In attendance: Meegan Wili, Garry Brand, Mark Nordblom

SafeAssign Issues

  • One faculty member still having issues. Mark has been in contact with them via email.


  • If a rubric is attached to an Assignment or SafeAssignment and there is no attempt from a student, then the instructor cannot use the rubric to grade the student’s work.
  • Mark will follow up with Blackboard support, submit a ticket. Potentially, we’d like to add this as an enhancement.

File Permission Issue on Production, Test and Development

  • Students do not have permission to view files in the course files directory by default.
  • Mark will reply to the ticket with Blackboard.

Discussion Boards – Mobile App

  • In Garry’s course he has a student who used the Mobile Learn App and post to the discussion board, but her posts never registered. So when grading, etc, there were not posts linked to her to show activity.
  • Mark will enroll himself into the course to see if he can replicate the issue.

Accessibility Issue

  • Discussion Board and Assessment issues where Jaws is not reading all of the Discussion Board posts, additionally, the screen reader sometimes skips some of the answer options in assessments.

SP8 is available in GA

  • We need to install this on Dev.
  • Mark wanted to ensure that there is nothing currently on dev that we were working on and didn’t want to be blown away. Garry and Meegan have nothing they need preserved. Eric?

Blackboard Analytics for Learn Summary

  • We have the servers we need in place for the data warehouse.
  • The building block for Blackboard Analytics still needs to be configured.

Blackboard Collaborate Pilot

  • Meegan to work on survey tool for feedback from students and faculty.
  • Still waiting to hear back from Peter Campbell n turning on the connection between Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard IM. Meegan will follow-up.

Twitter Mash-up Tool

  • This is currently available in Ocelot.
  • Szymon did testing of the mash-up on test, and it seems ready to install in our production environment.
  • Mark will reinstall it in test.



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