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February 9, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – February 9th

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Eric Kunnen, Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand

Blackboard Analytics

  • Bb Analytics will be run on the test server for now.
  • Test is a copy of Production from Monday – 2/6/12
  • Blackboard will finish up matching data pieces in Blackboard with PeopleSoft to run analytics.
  • For the future: we need to have a brainstorm to determine what data we want to get from analytics. What are the delivered reports available already in analytics and what is the gap analysis between what comes canned and what we want to know/what reports we are looking for. Is it possible for some reports to be sent out automatically during the semester to users we identify?
  • February 13 and 14th – Blackboard will be on campus with a team of 5 to jump start the Analytics Field Trial.


  • We need to install the latest version of the building block on Production.
  • It is currently installed on our test environment, but there is no real way to test it.
  • The current issue is that while paper and reports are being returned to the user, they are not showing up in the Grade Center.
    • Evidently, there is an issue with the certificates, every time a push config command is executed it breaks the certificates. Blackboard had added a fix to this in Service Pack 7.
  • Schedule the new building block, get it going, and send a communication to faculty using SafeAssign with wording to also let them know it may be necessary to double-check the tool for submissions which may not have shown up in the Grade Center.
  • Eric will type up and email. Mark will provide a point in time to include with communication.

Scheduling so that when faculty stop in to ask Mark a question, we know what to tell them. Such as Mark is in 125 Main on specific days every week. Regardless, we should always tell faculty to contact ITHelp to submit a ticket. Mark will begin integrating and updating his calendar so we can be better informed.


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