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February 5, 2012 / dlitgroup

Highlights from project “Ocho” aka Bb 9.1 – Service Pack 8

Introducing "Ocho"...

The next release of Blackboard is nearly here!  It’s internal code name is “Ocho” and it represents a significant step forward in the future of Blackboard from enhancements in the user interface through major new features and function.  There are new reporting tools, goals and standards features, course merging, course themes, and many improvements to the user interface.

Blackboard continues it’s ongoing improvements in support, openness, transparency and quality with Service Pack 8.

“Ocho” is essentially Service Pack 8 (SP8) for release 9.1.  This release focuses on major enhancements to the user interface to streamline and simplify the user experience.  Quality in interface design and innovative user experiences is now the default and is expected when working in web based systems.  SP8 provides excitement in a clean, streamlined, and more contemporary design.

Overall, based on the demonstration, there are many instructor efficiency enhancements coupled with a modernized and simplified interface.  This is a trend and commitment toward the future as additional features are planned for the roadmap in Service Pack 9 and beyond.

The following is a photo essay of sorts that provide a glimpse at the improvements coming soon to a Blackboard near you:

Blackboard Version 8

Blackboard Version 8

Blackboard Version 9

Blackboard Version 9

Introducing… Blackboard Version 9 SP8 “Ocho”

Blackboard Version 9.1 SP8

Here are a few more screen shots highlighting just a few of the advancements, modern interface, and features that will be available in “Ohco” – Service Pack 8.

Opening Course Home Page

Welcome audio with Bb Voice Tools

Needs Grading and Quick Change Course Navigation

Send Students Text Message Reminders with Bb Connect


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