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February 2, 2012 / dlitgroup

Bb Team Meeting

Present: Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Meegan Willi, Mark Nordblom


  • Photo Roster – Photos have been updated.  Working to automate in the future.
  • Bb Transact – Steve W and Bill F are going to the conference next week.
  • Building Blocks
    • Turn off Google Scholar
    • Turn off Blackboard Scholar
    • Turn off default Softchalk
    • Turn ON by default the Professor Notification Tool
    • SafeAssign upgrade is in progress
  • SP8
    • Need to fix My Courses Plus
    • Pilot for Summer for Fall Launch
      • Test Features/Functionality
      • Test VTBE
      • Test Building Blocks
      • Prepare Bb Upgrade Page and Punch List
      • The plan is to copy production to dev and run through the installation process with the GA version of SP8 – we will also run the live pilot courses on test.
      • Identify training needs
      • Identify use of Goals/Objectives
      • CSS development – Evaluate options for look and feel, consider colors with themes in course
      • Select users for pilot
    • Oracle Patches – They have been applied to dev and test.  Oracle patches are required.  Mark will check with Bb support to ensure the database environment changes are  supported.
    • Communication Circuit – Identification of issues and communicating them to end users.  With system down issues through instructor reported issues.  Increasing internal communications between help desk, IT, DLIT.  Weekend support.
    • Course Copy file replication issues need to be investigated.
    • Automation – investigation of automation for enhancements both for users and courses and also for organizations.

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