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January 19, 2012 / gbrand

iPads at GRCC: A Killer Combination?!

Those who attended the “Donuts and Bagels” session this month were invited to bring their iPads. We learned that faculty and staff (including some who couldn’t make it) have a real interest in using tablets for teaching and learning. One day later, we got to see the Apple Education Event. They announced:

  1. iBooks Textbooks for iPad
  2. iBooks Author
  3. A New iTunes U

Our DLIT team is already downloading and testing the software! For some initial thoughts, see my blog post. Also, here’s a video of one of the first iTunes U demonstrations.

We’re thinking about how all of this can work together. It would be great to get more iPads into the hands of faculty and students. I am considering a request for an iPad cart to use in the classroom. DLIT is considering a cohort of faculty like the MobileEDU project we bookmarked in our GRCC Digital Initiative Stack.

I appreciate what our long-time friend Barry Dahl says about “the importance of being device/OS agnostic” (more from Ira Socol), but Apple seems to be putting together a “killer combination”!


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