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January 18, 2012 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – January 20

The following updates are from the DLIT Department for the week ending January 20th.


This area includes international, national, regional, state, and local activities.

  • Bb Mobile Webinar – DLIT attended the Mobility Matters: Why Your Students Want Access to Blackboard On-the-Go.
  • SP8 Goals & Standards Conference Call – Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand, and Katie Daniels attended the Bb Service Pack 8 conference call to review and learn more about the new features in SP8 related to goals, standards, outcomes, and measurement.
  • ETOM  Board Meeting – Eric Kunnen attended the ETOM Board meeting where the spring and fall conferences were discussed.
  • MCCVLC Webinar – Eric Kunnen, DLIT, and several other staff/administrators plan to attend the “Evaluating Performance of Online Faculty” webinar that will be held on Thursday.
  • Bb Collaborate Webinar – DLIT plans to attend the “Day in the Life of a Blackboard Collaborate Professor” to gather ideas for GRCC’s Bb Collaborate Pilot currently running in the Winter ’12 semester.

Department Action Projects & College Action Projects

This area includes accomplishments or milestones regarding Departmental and College Action Project(s).

  • Project 1 – Extend DL Program
    • OHCC – 21 faculty are enrolled for the January cohort.  Luann delivered the orientation with Garry, Tim, Eric, and Meegan.
    • DL CAP Worksession – On Friday, the DL CAP team will hold a worksession to focus on the project and tasks outline for the action project.
    • HLC Visit – There are 13 working days left before the visit.  More information was received from HLC re: agenda today, January 18.
  • Project 2 – Enhance Classroom and Instructional Technologies
    • Donuts with DLT – DLIT hosted this event (also mentioned below) and this is related to classroom technologies as Mark Vogel also attended to discuss projection options in the classroom.
  • Project 3 – Extend Blackboard Learn, Content, Community
    • Bb Collaborate – A training was coordinated by Meegan Lillis and a blog post was generated as well.  (More information below.)
    • Bb Performance Issues – DLIT and IT are working together as the system has had performance issues, particularly on Monday afternoon and Tuesday mid-day effecting most significantly the discussion board and grading areas.   IT is also working with Bb Support.

Other Work within Your Department

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from within the department.

  • Dept Plans – DLIT held an initial meeting to discuss upcoming 2012-13 department plans.
  • Donuts with DLIT – The department held a donuts event in White Hall at the Sneden Campus with Gary Ebels helping to facilitate a discussion around using iPads at GRCC. There were just over 20 faculty and staff attending the event.

DLIT Staff Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from DLIT staff that is not included in the work outlined in the Department and College Action Projects area and categories above.

  • Eric Kunnen
  • Meegan Willi
    • Week of January 16-20Assisted faculty and submitted tracking forms to
    • Meeting regarding website creation and the Blackboard Content System
    • Assisted Dan Syckle with installation of Bb Drive
    • DLIT Pow Wow Meeting on January 16th
    • Created digital sign-in form to use on iPad for Donuts & Bagels
    • Department Planning Meeting – Discussed Budget, Action Plans, Space Requests and more for the 2012-13
    • Clean-up Clicker Demo Notes and Shared with Lisa Gloege to combine and pass along to committee for next steps. – January 16th
    • Attended Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Workshop on January 17th
    • Wrote and emailed touch base message to all current Online Course Developers January 17th
    • Posted Blackboard Collaborate Pilot Update Blog Post
    • Scheduled next Blackboard Collaborate Training For January 27th; 10-11 am
    • Attended Donuts and Distance Learning & Blackboard and Bagels on January 18th
    • Took screenshots of Blackboard Mobile for Learn iPad App and posted them to grccdlit’s flickr stream and new flickr tab on Facebook
    • Attending Blackboard Team Meeting on January 19th
    • Supporting the OHCC optional Friday session on January 20th
    • DL CAP working meeting January 20th
    • Co-Facilitating the Advanced Blackboard Session with Tim Koets at Adjunct Learning Day, Satuday, January 21st
  • Jose Mora
    •  Wrote a blog “5 ways to improve communication and instant connection with online student”
      Edited script for google docs form so that we can get an e-mail every time an entry is submitted. This will reduce waste time because one will no longer need to go to google docs frequently to check the form. It is also easier to view than the spreadsheet form it comes in. It will place all the information in a clear manner in an e-mail that will go to the dlit shared folder.
      Worker on Garret’s ITC conference hotel and flight
      participated in donuts and bagels; helped a couple faculty with their iPads.
      Assisted 5 faculty throughout the week (Blackboard, technical, and other questions).
  • Student Worker
    • n/a

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Luann Keizer
    • 1. Conducted 1 session BB Basics.
      2. Conducted Week 1 OHCC orientation
      3. Enrolled 3 adjunct faculty in BB Basics online, posted 2 completions.
      4.Created aganda for adjunct faculty BB training 1/21/12
      5. Reviewed OHCC template with 2 faculty
      6. Participated in BB Collaborate pilot
  • Tim Koets
    • n/a
  • Garret Brand
    • 1.   Assisted faculty and submitted tracking forms to .2.   Supported Blackboard Basics and Orientation sessions on Friday, January 13.

      3.   Facilitated Week One of OHCC.

      4.   Attended Blackboard Mobile Webinar on Wednesday, January 18.

      5.   Prepared for January 2012 Donuts and Bagels Session.

      6.   Created “Stack” for GRCC Digital Initiative at

      7.   Assisted various faculty who dropped into 125 Main.

      8.   Attended Blackboard Collaborate Learning Manager Introduction and Workshop

      9.   Met and attended call regarding SP8, specifically Outcomes, Standards, Reporting.

      10. Met with Dean and Curriculum Specialists regarding Program Review Document Management and the Outcomes System.

      11. Participated in Blackboard Team Meeting.

      12. Subjected to many conversations about cats!

      13. Added resources to DLIT Facebook site and added links to OHCC for Facebook and Twitter.

      14. Assisted faculty with Mobile Laptop Cart.

DLIT Tracking Table

    • n/a

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