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January 11, 2012 / dlitgroup

3 Easy Steps to Creating a More Stylish Blackboard Course

Three screen shots of a Blackboard course with the default template.

Your Blackboard course before the stylish makeover.

Can you imagine what it is like for a student to see this in every single one of the Blackboard courses… The default look with GRCC blue for the navigation bar and with the same links on the left; Announcements, Course Information, Staff Information, Discussions, View Grades, and Tools. It could certainly get old after a little while! There are a few simple things that you can do to make your course more stylish and engaging for your students.

1. Add some color! Instead of using the same blue navigation menu in every course, select a different color. If you teach multiple sections and select a different color for each section it may even help you visually differentiate between your sections! Here is a tip sheet which covers how to edit your menu style in Blackboard.

2. Add a banner! Add an image to your announcement page to help both you and your students identify the course. (If you want to be really savvy, you can match the colors of your course menu with prominent colors from the course textbook or the banner you add.) For those individuals who are not comfortable working with images or creating a banner from scratch; if you are comfortable working in PowerPoint – you can actually create a banner image for your Blackboard course in PowerPoint. (Tip sheet tutorial coming soon!) Here is a tip sheet on how to add and remove a banner from your Blackboard course.

3. Use images! You can add images throughout your course. I wouldn’t recommend going overboard, but you can jazz up even an announcement in a few seconds by adding some color and a relevant image. If you do not have any images at  your fingertips – try the flickr mashup! Not sure what a mashup is then read this tip sheet.

Three screenshots of a Blackboard course with different colors and more images.

The same Blackboard course after a few stylish tweaks.

All of the tip sheets in this blog as well as many more are available on Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies’ Blackboard Tip Sheet webpage:

For more assistance with Blackboard and other instructional technologies at GRCC: send technical support, problems, and error message questions to and send how-to and general questions to


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