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January 5, 2012 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – January 5, 2012

In attendance: Mark Nordblom, Eric Kunnen, Meegan Willi, Garry Brand, Bill Frikken

Update from IT Help (Fred Bauman): Novell sync issue – some passwords are not being synced fast enough so students and faculty who change their Novell passwords can log into their workstation but not into Blackboard yet.

1. Update from Eric – Analytics

  • Server is supposed to be ready on January 10, 2012, Scooter is working on getting the server up and ready.
  • Jody emailed the Blackboard Analytics team letting them know the server will be up and ready, and confirming necessary server specs and settings.
  • Building Block will then be set-up and that will involve Mark and this team.

2. Semester start-up showtime: What do we have before us and what are we at?

  • No negative comments related to automation.
  • Winter 2012 courses need to be made available around midnight tonight, and the Fall 2011 courses will become unavailable for students.
    • This is for all .W12 courses as in the past, the project to turn on only full semester and first seven week courses at this time is still under development.
    • Communication needs to let faculty know that all courses that end in W12 are now made available for students and if your course does not start until the second seven weeks of the semester, you will need to make your course unavailable manually, and this is how you do that…We can get just the names of the faculty teaching late start courses and send a targeted message to them – or – manually make the courses unavailable.
      • Eric will send these communications out.
  • We did have someone come in to use the attendance feature in Star Fish and it worked great! Winter 2012 courses were available and ready to go.
  • Sync of students in courses? If a student drops a course before the semester start date, they are marked disabled from the course in Blackboard, and are moved from the student and faculty views. After count day, students that drop are marked unavailable. This process is now automated.
  • Course Copy: A few have been reported, but they have been more user errors and less systematic issues.
  • Remember to keep in touch with Fred.
  • Current system health: snappy!
    • Content system space?
    • Course Copy time – is it going fast or taking a longer time?
    • Mark is watching these aspects of the system.
  • Student orientation: We have all distance learning students enrolled in the Blackboard Student Orientation course.
    • Some students have been contacting Garry and Eric to ask when this course will go away from their Blackboard page.
    • A new project will be created to setup the new online students into the integration table so that only NEW students are enrolled into Bb.orient.
  • Star Fish is ready to go.

3. SP8

  • Everybody should have one! Now on bb18
  • Dec 28th Build – latest version

4. Still waiting on the new VTBE from Blackboard to install on SP8

  • Building block was found and Mark will work on loading this on bb18

5. McGraw-Hill Building Block

  • Unavailable at the course level
  • Individual faculty who want to use this Building Block can turn it on

6. Relay

  • Mashup is pulling both 2011 and 2012 so instructors can load in new and old recordings.
  • Pilot: Mark has the latest 3.x.x upgrade and has the 4.0 product and he is waiting for the server to install 4.0.

7. Bb Drive

  • Mark has the updated PC version, and removed the old one from the Bb CS.
  • If we send faculty to the links in the Bb CS, we can track who accesses it.

8. List of software available on the install image for Windows 7:

  • Respondus 4
  • StudyMate
  • Relay Recorder
  • Blackboard Drive
  • Blackboard IM
  • iTunes (iTunesU Pilot)



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