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December 29, 2011 / dlitgroup

Top 11 Posts from 2011


What a year it has been… here are the TOP 11 posts from 2011 via the DLIT archives!

#1 – New Rubrics in Blackboard 9.1 (SP6)

This post highlights the unique interactive rubric features in Blackboard. See also our dedicated Rubrics page for more information about this tool on the DLIT website.

#2 – ETOM Fall Conference – GRCC Faculty Invited!

This post highlighted the Fall ETOM conference that was held on GRCC’s campus on Friday, October 14th. Be sure to catch Meegan Willi’s notes and a recap of the event as well.

#3 – Vicki Meyers – Leveraging Camtasia Relay & Mashups in Blackboard

This post by Nursing Professor Vicki Meyers showcases the use of the lecture capture tool called Camtasia Relay and also how the Blackboard Relay mashup can be used to directly link students to video based screen recordings with audio.

#4 – Is Second Life Dead?

This post, written by Business Department Professor and DLIT lead faculty facilitator Garry Brand. He explores the notion… is the virtual world game based 3D environment still relevant and beneficial to learning?

#5 – Garry Brand – Providing Video Feedback for Students in Blackboard

This post highlights ways to present students with video feedback in Blackboard. It is written by Business Department Professor and DLIT lead faculty facilitator Garry Brand.

#6 – Blackboard Survey Results – Fall 2010

This post presents information and a summary of the student and faculty results from the Blackboard survey that is delivered each semester.

#7 – New Grading Features for Discussion Board!

This post zeros in on instructor efficiency improvements available in Blackboard for grading online student discussions through a “needs grading” tool in the Grade Center.

#8 – GRCC & the Blackboard Exemplary Course Award Program

This post contains information from several GRCC professors that participated as course reviewers in the 2011 Blackboard Exemplary Course Award Program (ECP).The following instructors served as course reviewers:

Mursalata Muhammad (English)
Denise Acevedo (English)
Lisa Gloege (Economics)

* Attention GRCC Faculty – We are very interested in helping you submit your course to the 2012 Exemplary Course Award Program… Let us know how we can assist you!

#9 – Luann Keizer – Using Groups in Blackboard

Computer Applications Professor Luann Keizer describes how she leverages the groups tool in Blackboard in teaching her online and face to face courses.

#10 – Bill Faber – Enhancing Departmental Document Management with Blackboard

This post highlights how the Physical Science Department is using the Blackboard Content System for easier and more efficient sharing and saving of course syllabi. This post was written by Bill Faber, Physical Science Professor and interim Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

#11 – Aimee Kunnen – Online Office Hours with Wimba Pronto

This post, written by Aimee Kunnen who is an adjunct instructor in the Math Department, showcases the use of Blackboard IM (formerly Wimba Pronto) for online office hours which provides students with an effective way to connect, ask questions, and learn.


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