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December 29, 2011 / dlitgroup

GRCC Professors Recognized for Blackboard Use

The Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department would like to recognize the professors referenced in this post for their nomination.  These professors were submitted by their students in a Blackboard survey that was administered in the Fall 2011 semester.  The students were asked to nominate an instructor whose use of Blackboard enhanced their learning.

Congratulations to the following faculty for receiving a student nomination for effective Blackboard use in the Fall 2011 semester!

Thank you for going the extra mile to reach your students and help them succeed!

We present you with a Gold Star Award!

Here a just a few of the comments submitted by students in appreciation for their instructor’s use of Blackboard:

Please note: If you notice an error or would prefer that an entry be removed, please contact us at: – We have attempted to replicate accurately the information submitted by students. 

She has helped my learning experience by having us (the students) do our reading assignments on BB, I also appreciate how she keeps up with having our grades on here.
– Instructor: Kimberly Overdevest

Intro to Computer Programming. Her use of video lectures was crucial and very appreciated. Incredible Instructor!!!
– Instructor: Katie Vandermeer

Has used Blackboard well because she stayed up to date on it. Also since she posted assignments and outlines for the class, which made everything accessible from my own home.
– Instructor: Lauren Elliott

All of her course material and resources are available on Blackboard. She keeps everything up to date, and provides a better learning experience than any other instructor I’ve had due to her effective and efficient (grading) use of Blackboard.
– Instructor: Luann Keizer

For uploading their videos and “how to” course information.
– Instructor: Angus Campbell

She always updated people on what was going on in class that day and also she always put our grades on there so we knew what we had in the class at all times.
– Instructor: Aimee Kunnen

Posts frequently, has helpful course worksheets and answer keys that are helpful in learning the course material and in self study.
– Instructor: Amy Kurdna

All of these professors listed used blackboard to greatly enhance my class learning experience at GRCC in the fall semester, and this was my first semseter of college in 30 years. They all did an excellent job!!!
– Instructor: Adrienne Phelps-Coco

He kept my grades up to date and it was good to know I was getting my assignments in on time and they were received if it was posted online. He posted all presentations from class for our home use as well as examples of our projects. It was nice to not have to keep track of extra paper and just go online to see everything I needed.
– Instructor: Aaron Schantz

Any problem that we worked on in class that was difficult he would post on blackboard along with how to solve the problem so everyone could go back and re-do the problem until they understand it.
– Instructor: Brian Chesla

Assignments online that were easier to turn in and more convenient to assure ontime.
– Instructor: Bill Henders

He uses it everyday and we do so much on Blackboard.
– Instructor: Bernard Liburd

She posted our test and quiz grades immediately. She also posted links to helpful resources we could use while studying at home.
– Instructor: Betsy McKinney

Always has his notes up a head of time on blackboard. He is prompt when putting grades in blackboard. he always keeps us up to date on what is going on with the class. He is an excellent instructor the best actually that I have ever had and I have been to three different colleges. He is amazing!
– Instructor: Ben Meyer

In the business tutorial lab also utilizes BB IM very well.
– Instructor: Brian Daily

American Govt. Prof. Most of our discussions were done online. It allowed the students to have more complete, well thought out responses to discussions.
– Instructor: Brandt Siegel

Always posted grades and left announcements when she wasn’t going to be present. Posted lecture outlines for the entire course at the beginning of the semester.
– Instructor: Cherie Clark

I wouldn’t have any idea what was going on in class without it. My math teacher, she posts our grades and homework that is due, also puts extra help on blackboard.
– Instructor: Cindy Gurr

A very informative instructor who utilized bb to communicate with students and also used bb to help with assignments and instruct students on how to improve assignments before they were due through bb.
– Instructor: Christopher Jenkinson

Always, and I mean always, right on top of things / changes. Her turn around time is awesome. CO152 Photoshop: She provided tips, was on messenger to help at any time, very thorough on the material, had PDF files as well as book help, and was very into what she was doing! AWESOME INSTRUCTOR!
– Instructor: Cheryl Kautz

Posts all powerpoint presentations to his blackboard so his students can access them and utilize them in note taking.
– Instructor: Charles Wideman

I liked that he did his quizzes and exams through Blackboard instead of making me come in to the testing center.
– Instructor: Cedric Williams

I used BB for studying for my exams and quizzes through power points, practice quizzes, and practice exams provided by my instructor through BB access.
– Instructor: Douglas Adema

He has made sure to instantly post grades, replies to e-mails quickly, posted all slides at the starting of the semester, and put links to our textbook website online to better our success rates in his class.
– Instructor: Dave Beighley

My English 097 professor, was very thorough in keeping blackboard updated. She posted our grades as early as humanly possible, provided extremely useful handouts, and samples from articles or readings that she found useful, and, with notes that she found beneficial. Overall, it was a great tool at our disposal as it provided us with a lot of information which could be accessed at any time. She used it to its full extent. She really kept the students informed on how we were doing at all times. One of the best teacher I know.
– Instructor: Diane Henderson

Of the criminal justice department does a fabulous job of using Blackboard. He posts numerous videos and links related to every single chapter. It really helps me connect the material to real life. He doesn’t just post videos but links to websites that I’ve referenced outside of school.
– Instructor: David Knoll

She uploaded EVERYTHING even before the class started, videos, lectures, powerpoints, assignments…
– Instructor: Dawn Zuidgeest-Craft

ALWAYS responds even if its nothing she can help me with! ALWAYS updates! ALL my grades are online! I LOVE IT
– Instructor: Dawn Mumford

He used many links and provided many documents, reading material, additional instruction to assignments, assignment aids. All of the additional documentation helped to support lessons taught in class. Very useful and helps students to re-focus after a myriad of daily distractions outside of the classroom.
– Instructor: David Tower

He teaches Developmental Psychology (online) and he is always updating students on how they are doing in class.
– Instructor: Frank Conner

He put all our assignments on Bb which gave more of an explanation about our assignments and it was always up to take a look at anytime we were unsure.
– Instructor: Frank Scalabrino

He did an excellent job of making this virtual classroom more personal. You had more of a feeling of who he and the other classmates were, as Mr. Ebels had us do introductions on the discussion board the first week of class so that we could get a “feel” for the other students, along with their background, etc. He also did live power-points instead of just plain old typed out announcements week after week! I cannot say enough wonderful things about him, not only as a professor but as a person as well!! 🙂
– Instructor: Gary Ebels

Being able to listen to some of his lectures out side of class and on you tube or other sites related to topics discussed in class helped me to better understand the material in class. His lab lectures are on Blackboard and can be previewed before class, this allows for listening to the lecture as often as needed and this helps considerably in studying. He also posts his notes in advance and utilizes Powerpoint slides to go along with lectures. He posts all of his grades on BB.
– Instructor: Greg Forbes

Has used Blackboard to post slide-shows from lessons, which is helpful, because as a student, even if you take notes, you can still miss things. By having the information posted, you are able to go back and see if you did miss anything.
– Instructor: Gordan Vurusic

She posts all the grades on blackboard which makes it easier to keep track of your grade. she also used safeassignment to turn in our debates, which was very simple, and a time saver, so you didn’t have to waste paper to print it out and turn it in and have to hassle with turning in a physical copy of the paper.
– Instructor: Heather Forrest

I sent out an SOS on BB during the holiday, not expecting a response from anyone in the class. She responded. You do not get that from a ground class teacher. It provides real time answers to real time problems. Being in education and this being the first time I have taken an online course. I have told numerous people that I have not idea who she is in person, but can only imagine she is a dynamic classroom teacher because she has reached out through Blackboard to make me feel as though she knows me, that I am part of a classroom and that she could pick me out of a crowd because of her ability to make you feel like she is standing in front of you teaching. I am sure she goes above and beyond most online educators, not out of expectation but because of her teaching ethic.
– Instructor: Julie Hess

She is very responsive in her weekly comments on our current chapter discussions and her format for creating an online classroom via these instructions give those of us juggling multiple priorities an opportunity to have student to student and instructor to student relationships. She provides great insight and seems to really take her time in reading comments and incorporating feedback in her weekly dialogue.
– Instructor: Judy Jankowski

Does a great job of utilizing bb. he keeps our grades current, offers multiple versions to download, even uploads the homework answer keys for us. I wish all of my profs utilized this tool as much as he does. I sincerely believe that I have done better in his class because of this
– Instructor: Jarek Kozal

Uses Blackboard the most out of every professor that I’ve had at GRCC. She is quick to respond to emails, and she puts notes, assignments, and any additional information needed online. This helps a lot because if I might have missed any notes in class, I can go online to review anything.
– Instructor: Jennifer Sobie

He made sure everything was up-to-date and put a lot of information related to the course on here.
– Instructor: Jeffrey Spoelman

She put our grades up usually within a day of our exams. She would post assignments to help us out and kept the syllabus up there. She also gave us a list of helpful websites we could use to enhance our learning.
– Instructor: Jamie Vazquez

Substance Abuse-Thursday night class. Like Mr. Ebels, except this is not an on-line class, she is always using new, different, fun, and interesting techniques to not make things boring, or the same, week in and week out. She is absolutely wonderful and has had a positive impact on me. She is interesting, humorous, does fun things in her classrooms, is fair, organized, and always takes the extra time out for her students. Like Mr. Ebels, I can not say enough wonderful things about Ms. Willis. And I hope that they both continue to receive the recognition that they much deserve!!!!
– Instructor: Janis Willis

All of these professors listed used blackboard to greatly enhance my class learning experience at GRCC in the fall semester, and this was my first semester of college in 30 years. They all did an excellent job!!!
– Instructor: Kaari Bloedow

I thank Ms. Challa and for using Blackboard it is really helpful for me. When I thought I missed something I always looked on Blackboard and saw the post from the instructors.
– Instructor: Leanne Challa

Bio 101, takes full advantage of links and interactive activities on black board and keeps us posted with updates and grades. VERY efficient and makes learning easier to do online.
– Instructor: Laurie Foster

She taught my EC 251 class using video lectures. And this style of teaching is really helpful because you can re-play it as many times as you like. In the tradition classroom setting, sometimes its hard to keep up with writing notes and trying to understand the lecture at hand. It may sound easy but many professors speak really fast and don’t have time to keep stopping so that you can write out your full sentences.
– Instructor: Lisa Gloege

Education 200 Mrs. Keller makes use of many blackboard features. She always enters grades in a reasonable amount of time, maintains a virtual office discussion board, two course specific discussion boards, updates external links and resources often. Mrs. Keller also used a discussion board at the beginning of the semester for our class ice-breaking session.
– Instructor: Lynne Keller

Language and thought- Instructor: She is great about posting quizzes and paper guidelines for the students to reference, and she is relatively quick with posting our grades. She also uploads videos that have to do with the topics we cover, which are helpful and inspirational.
– Instructor: Marne Johnson

He posts the lectures in advance so students may review them before class, and leaves them posted so students may use them to study and reference later. He also posts grades in a timely matter. More importantly, he made ample use of the announcements section so students can remain constantly updated on any changes, and be prepared for the next class period.
– Instructor: Michael Kivinen

I thank Leneway and for using Blackboard it is really helpful for me. When I thought I missed something I always looked on Blackboard and saw the post from the instructors.
– Instructor: Monica Leneway

Although I didn’t have him this semester, he was amazing over the summer. He participated in discussion boards with the class and gave great feedback in a timely manner. He was prompt to respond to emails or postings in the discussion area of BB. I think this is important for any instructor teaching an online class – Instructor: the more they participate in the class discussion board, I think the better the discussion becomes among the students.
– Instructor: Mike Light

This joined lecture course incorporated extensive learning material to include Camtasia, Youtube, pre-posted powerpoints and syllabus for learning needs. Testing on the computers in the health lab through the lock down system with immediate testing scores and additional follow up to clarify test questions after the test. I felt this organized and detailed information and opportunities assisted with a more comfortable learning process in this course.
– Instructor: Michelle Richter

Used Blackboard extensively this semester. Before the first day, there were several useful external links, course documents and the syllabus. Grades were always updated quickly. I used blackboard more for her class than any other.
– Instructor: Michele Wolner

Her video lectures are amazing, she updates grades often, and posts announcements when needed.
– Instructor: Nancy Forrest

She posts timely, gives us time to do our assignments, and communicates with us. She used different features that I had never even used before and I learned a lot more about blackboard because of her.
– Instructor: Nora Neill

His postings of numerous course documents where helpful for understanding our material better as well as for preparing for exams. He also posted links to other sources of information to help with understanding difficult topics.
– Instructor: Paul Krieger

He’s my instructor for my online course. He has us watch videos and answer questions in the discussion boards for some of the assignments. We also have to reply to other students posts which helps us communicate with each other a bit.
– Instructor: Richard Barnhart

Does a great job of keeping his powerpoints up to date for review. This helps study for tests etc. I do not believe that it allows people to skip class because he has a good attendance policy in place for the class. He also makes good use of quizzes and homework assignments on Blackboard. He is a great instructor.
– Instructor: Robert Leunk

Posts updated grades frequently, always lists out homework and what we do each day in class, made many folders that included great examples for students to look at while writing English papers, responded quickly with email.
– Instructor: Susan Mowers

He uses blackboard well by posting grades, powerpoints and announcements in an organized manner.
– Instructor: Troy Giambernardi

Both use Blackboard extensively in their courses. Tim uses Camtasia to record lectures and Szymon used it for everything else.
– Instructor: Tim Koets

He posts notes from the class, several clips and links that are helpful for our understanding.
– Instructor: Tim Hoving

This joined lecture course incorporated extensive learning material to include Camtasia, Youtube, pre-posted powerpoints and syllabus for learning needs. Testing on the computers in the health lab through the lock down system with immediate testing scores and additional follow up to clarify test questions after the test. I felt this organized and detailed information and opportunities assisted with a more comfortable learning process in this course.
– Instructor: Victoria Meyers

Posted all of the answers to previous quizzes to help us refer to them and study for the exam, also posted in journals (tools) and placed helpful links and extra credit opportunities for use to check out!
– Instructor: Yolanda Duncan

She has lots of quizzes that help to see if the information is really sticking in my head.
– Instructor: Tamara Szost

All the course documents are easy to find, everything is organized, and all the grades are posted on time
– Instructor: Tamara Scott

He posts all of his homework, syllabi, power points, grades everything that is covered in class i have access to on BB i loved that about his class.
– Instructor: Todd Tiano

Here is a complete list of faculty that were nominated by their students
for their use of Blackboard this semester that has enhanced their learning:

Please note: If you notice an error in spelling or accuracy, please contact us at: – We have attempted to replicate accurately the information submitted by students.

  1. Aaron Schantz
  2. Adrienne Phelps-Coco
  3. Aimee Kunnen
  4. Amy Kudrna
  5. Andrew Lussky
  6. Angela Lewis
  7. Angus Campbell
  8. Ann Alexander
  9. Ann Marie Nickel
  10. Anton Wishik
  11. Barbara Egeler
  12. Ben Meyer
  13. Bernard Liburd
  14. Bernard Manker
  15. Bertha Chivis
  16. Bethann Talsma
  17. Betsy McKinney
  18. Bill Henders
  19. Bobbi Dean
  20. Brandt Siegel
  21. Brent Spitler
  22. Brett Atchison
  23. Brian Chesla
  24. Brian Daily
  25. Briana Galbreath
  26. Britt Price
  27. Carmela Zapata
  28. Carol Brown
  29. Carol Lee Brown
  30. Carol VanRandwyk
  31. Carrie Howard
  32. Cedric Williams
  33. Cerise Fuhrman
  34. Charles Burkey
  35. Charles Olawsky
  36. Charles Wells
  37. Charles Wideman
  38. Charlotte Pease
  39. Chef Whitman
  40. Cherie Clark
  41. Cheryl Kautz
  42. Cheryl Wojcik
  43. Christopher Jenkinson
  44. Cindy Gurr
  45. Colleen Pierson
  46. Cora Beute
  47. Cynthia Bristol
  48. Cynthia Fabyan
  49. Dan Anderson
  50. Daniel Anderson
  51. Daniel Huisman
  52. Daniel Jesse
  53. Dave Beighley
  54. Dave Knoll
  55. David DeNolf
  56. David Kiley
  57. David Settle
  58. David Tower
  59. David VanValkenburg
  60. Dawn Mumford
  61. Dawn Zuidgeest-Craft
  62. Deb Nordman
  63. Deb Vilmont
  64. Debbie Potter
  65. Debbie Vilmont
  66. Debora DeWitt
  67. Deborah Nordman
  68. Deborah Potter
  69. Denise Mahoney!
  70. Denise Potvin
  71. Denise Skonieczny
  72. Dennis Gillem
  73. Dennis Sutton
  74. Derek Devries
  75. Diane Henderson
  76. Dianne Burdick
  77. Don Hruby
  78. Don Steeby
  79. Donald Siefert
  80. Donald Van Oeveren
  81. Doninic Mattone
  82. Douglas Adema
  83. Elizabeth Gaines
  84. Ellen Syswerda
  85. Ennis Young
  86. Frank Connor
  87. Frank Scalabrino
  88. Gabriel Griffin
  89. Garret Brand
  90. Gary Ebels
  91. Geno Paiz
  92. Gerald Casari
  93. Gillian Hendershot
  94. Gina Vanderheiden
  95. Glen Rotier
  96. Glenes Hamersma
  97. Gordan Vurusic
  98. Gordon Olson
  99. Greg Forbes
  100. Heather Forrest
  101. Hieda Meister
  102. Hillery Haney
  103. Jackson Fox
  104. James Muth
  105. James Vidrov
  106. Jamie Boyd
  107. Jamie Vazquez
  108. Jan Willis
  109. Jane Hedges
  110. Janice Chapman
  111. Janis Willis
  112. Jarek Kozal
  113. Jason Dettwiller
  114. Jean Dauber
  115. Jeff Larsen
  116. Jeff Spoelman
  117. Jennifer Knauf
  118. Jennifer Sobie
  119. Jessalyn Richter
  120. Jim Keating
  121. Jim Schaap
  122. Jim Talen
  123. Joel Rescoe
  124. Joesph Lee
  125. John Rumery
  126. Jolanta Lanier
  127. Jonathan Swets
  128. Joseph Berlin
  129. Joseph Hesse
  130. Judith Elsey
  131. Judy Bezile
  132. Judy Jankowski
  133. Julia Zwolinski
  134. Julie Bera
  135. Julie Hess
  136. Julie Lackshiede
  137. Juliet Keller
  138. Kaari Bloedow
  139. Karen Dykstra-Nylen
  140. Karen Niemchick
  141. Kate Byerwalter
  142. Kate Kryger
  143. Kathleen Wykes
  144. Kathy McGrath
  145. Katie Kalisz
  146. Katie Vandermeer
  147. Kaye Longberg
  148. Keith Ferguson
  149. Kendra Thompson
  150. Kenneth Smith
  151. Kerri Prior
  152. Kevin Dunn
  153. Kim Brems
  154. Kimberley Overdevest
  155. Kristin Roberts
  156. Kristina Persenaire
  157. Laura Byers
  158. Laura Courtright
  159. Laura Marsh
  160. Laura Michals
  161. Lauren Elliott
  162. Lauren Teal
  163. Laurie Arnswald
  164. Laurie Foster
  165. Leanne Challa
  166. Leia Sparks
  167. Leigh Kleinert
  168. Linda Clay
  169. Lisa Gloege
  170. Lisa Palczewski
  171. Liz Delaney
  172. Luann Keizer
  173. Lynn Prince
  174. Lynne Keller
  175. Margaret Malenka
  176. Margaret Sesselman
  177. Marguerite Erlandson
  178. Marianne Bockheim
  179. Marie Quillan
  180. Mark Dodd
  181. Mark Hoolihan
  182. Mark O’Donnell
  183. Marne Johnson
  184. Martha Penrod
  185. Martha Sieting
  186. Mary Barnum
  187. Mary Cody
  188. Mary Godfrey
  189. Mary Jo Zygmond
  190. Mary Kearney
  191. Mary Kronkowski
  192. Mary Tibbets
  193. Maryann Lesert
  194. MaryBeth Bradley
  195. Matt Wang
  196. Matthew Fleming
  197. Matthew McKay
  198. Megan Lockard
  199. Melanie Forbes
  200. Michael Campo
  201. Michael Halprin
  202. Michael Kivinen
  203. Michael Miller
  204. Michaelene White
  205. Michele Wolner
  206. Michelle Richter
  207. Mike Faber
  208. Mike Kivinen
  209. Mike Light
  210. Mike Rice
  211. Mitchell Gathercole
  212. Molly Mckinney
  213. Molly Reid
  214. Monica Leneway
  215. Morgan Crabb
  216. Morgan Crabb
  217. Moss Ingram
  218. Mursalata Muhammad
  219. Nancy Forbes
  220. Nancy Forrest
  221. Nick antonakis
  222. Nicole Smith
  223. Nikki Banks
  224. Nora Neill
  225. Oscar Neal
  226. Particia Mullen
  227. Pat Empie
  228. Patricia Verbrugge
  229. Patrick Earl
  230. Paul Krieger
  231. Paula termeer
  232. Peg Schoenborn
  233. Peter Genovese
  234. Rhonda Leese
  235. Richard Barnhart
  236. Richard Latimer
  237. Rick Olsen
  238. Robert Cebelak
  239. Robert Demmink
  240. Robert Hendershot
  241. Robert Hoffman
  242. Robert Leunk
  243. Robert Long
  244. Robin Sterk
  245. Roel Garcia
  246. Ron Higgins
  247. Sarah Krajewski
  248. Scott Finney
  249. Scott Garrard
  250. Sean Mackey
  251. Shanna Goff
  252. Shanna Goff
  253. Sharon Pinckney
  254. Sharron Palmiter
  255. Shavval Fleming
  256. Shawn Macauley
  257. Sophie Rubin
  258. Stephanie Cardenas
  259. Stephen Barton
  260. Steve Abid
  261. Steve Kokx
  262. Steve Rierson
  263. Steve Seward
  264. Steven McCambridge
  265. Steven Scholten
  266. Susan Mowers
  267. Susan Wallsteadt
  268. Szymon Machajewski
  269. Tamara McDairmid
  270. Tamara Scott
  271. Tamera Szost
  272. Ted Curro
  273. Thomas Farrah
  274. Thomas Neils
  275. Tim Hoving
  276. Tim Koets
  277. Timothy Schutter
  278. Todd Tiano
  279. Tom Boersma
  280. Tom Farrah
  281. Tom Krygier
  282. Tom Mulder
  283. Tom Vandragt
  284. Tony VanderArk
  285. Trey Kubizna
  286. Tricia Siegel
  287. Troy Giambernardi
  288. Troy Walwood
  289. Victoria Meyers
  290. Vikki Cooper
  291. Wayne Hsieh
  292. William Hogan
  293. William Jacoby
  294. Yan Bai
  295. Yolanda Duncan

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