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December 14, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – December 14, 2011

In attendance: Mark Nordblom, Meegan Willi, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Bill Frikken

  • McGraw-Hill & Grade Center Display
    • Is it possible to have McGraw-Hill turned off by default and have only those instructors who are using it turn it on to eliminate the menu items in the Grade Center related to the building block?
    • Settings: Available system wide, Unavailable at the course level, Faculty go into Tools Settings to turn it on
    • Mark will change the settings of the building block this week.
  • Blackboard Collaborate
    • We need to double-check that users on the new Windows 7 installations will be able to launch and participate in a Bb Collaborate session. Windows 7 is already installed in the classrooms, so we can check this now using the Bb building block. (Meegan will do by EOB Dec. 15)
    • If teleconferencing is a requirement for campus-wide deployment of a web conferencing tool, more research needs to be done.
    • As of now, the only audio will be VOIP for the pilot.
    • It will be important to that users know how to mute all participants, and recommend for the best audio experience to use headsets. (*Cover in 12/16 pilot meeting)
    • A training session is in the works for January with Blackboard for pilot participants.
  • Bb Drive
    • Mark is down to just a few files left to modify.
    •  There are a variety of options, for instance, you can lock down users’ ability to use various features. Additionally, you can set-up different executables to allow faculty and users with different needs to allow them access to a different version of the software.
    • You can also set-up default mappings. What do we want to include by default?
      • Just the user directory will be set-up by default and users will be able to add additional mappings if they need access to an institutional drive.
    • Bill looked in to how to deploy it on the new Windows 7 installations.
      • This is a good route to go to allow users to be able to install it themselves on their machines, but we would also need to keep in mind that when an important update comes out, we would have to push them out to users in the same fashion IT is planning to push out other software updates.
      • Mark will get the exe to Paul.
    • Mac version is scheduled to release today (12/14/11).
      • For now, if people who use Macs want to get the Bb Drive, we’ll communicate to them how and where to get the isntallation file. (Contact DLIT)
  • We’ll check that Respondus, StudyMate, Bb IM, Relay, and Bb Drive are all in the NAL.
    • iTunes? Mark will check and see, he believes iTunes is included in a script to allow instructors to install it individually.
  • SP 7 Hot Fix 1 and Sp 8
    • SP 7 is on Bb18 – No major disasters, it rectified a few issues. The Hot Fix fixed issues in the Assessments and Grade Center which came up with SP 7.
    • Discussion on SP 7 and SP 8 and the Development and Test Servers.
      • Our development server needs to stay free for our SP 8 and VTBE projects. Test needs to mirror production; stay at SP 6.
      • Mark will go forward and put SP 8 on the Development server.
  • Starfish Photos
    • Mark is planning to continue with manual process of getting updated photos of current/new students and roll them into production Photo Roster a few days after the beginning of the semester. Then, the photos will be sent to Starfish.
  • Relay
    • For Winter, we want to upgrade to the latest version of Relay 3. Mark will check-in with Ian tomorrow to see if we have the exe.
    • We can get the new directory created and ready to run – 2012.
      • Szymon still has to check, but he believes the conventions will remain the same, and the mash up will work and pull the latest recordings.
  • Availability of courses
    • For Winter 2012, the courses need to be made available at Midnight on January 6, 2012.
    • This is still a manual process, and we’d like to make it automatic.
      • At this point we do not populate the start date fields in courses, but this would be nice so that there would be differentiation between semester long courses, first seven week courses and second seven week courses and this may allow us to have more specific automation for course availability, Early Alert, and so forth.
      • Bill believes there are other flags already in PeopleSoft we may be able to use to fox some of the triggers we are currently using. E.g. if the course has not yet begun, populate it still, but leave it unavailable. Bill will map this out and get back to the team over the next week.

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