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December 10, 2011 / gbrand

Donuts & Distance Learning and Blackboard & Bagels for December 2011

On Friday, December 9 (from 8:30 to 10 in 347 Main), Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies hosted a “Donuts and Distance Learning & Blackboard and Bagels” event. Essentially this is an informal gathering of the DLIT staff and faculty. We provide the rounds, and you arrive to enjoy, discuss, ask questions, share stories, and learn more about distance learning and Blackboard at GRCC! We had over 25 guests – including the Provost’s Office, a student and representatives from Oracle. A lot of faculty stopped by to share ideas and ask questions.


Some of the topics of discussion included:

  • The development and offering of online courses at GRCC.
  • What various departments are doing in the area of online and hybrid course offerings.
  • Using different instructional technologies in the Nursing Department (e.g. lecture capture with Camtasia Relay).
  • Having faculty within the Math Department assist with the coordination of distance learning classes.
  • The creation of fully developed online courses that can be shared by multiple sections.
  • Completing the Online and Hybrid Certification Course.
  • The ability to post final grades in the Online Faculty Center directly from Blackboard.
  • Our Winter 2012 pilot of Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Specific questions about how to build content and assess learning in Blackboard.

We talked about a LOT more – including our mutual fondness for/dislike of running (personally, I need to go running after all those donuts and bagels)! We hope to see even more of you in January. Our next gathering will be on the Devos Campus.

A special thank you to: Alejandro Saldivar; Arthur Johnson; Bernard Manker; Brent Spitler; Debbie Dewent; Doug Wynkoop; Eric J. Kunnen; Garret Brand; Gilda Gely; Jose Mora; Keith Rhines; Laurie Foster; Lisa Gloege; Mark Jasonowicz; Meegan Willi; Michelle Richter; Ric Underhile; Richard Barnhart; Sherry Knoppers; Steve Abid; and William Faber for attending!


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