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November 16, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting: November 16, 2011

In attendance: Meegan Willi, Mark Nordblom, Fred Bauman, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen

1. Updates on Blackboard

  • Still looking into problems with App Server 11
  • Mark has a question in with Blackboard regarding splitting the database
  • Blackboard seems consistently slow around lunch time daily when there is a lot of network traffic
  • Jess is monitoring the database currently, the available space is less then ideal
  • Mark has a contact with another Blackboard admin who is also a DBA for best practices
  • Discussion on operating blind; there are solutions that we could investigate to get more user data information and analytics down to a specific session
  • Off hour support discussion – is the loop being closed regarding issues that are called in at night or on the weekends and if not how can we deal with this

2. Starfish should now be good to go, the Building Block was disabled on Bb11

3. November 28th a Bb Analytics webinar is scheduled.

4. Analytics for Learn (Building Block installation) Field Trial in the works.

5. Bb Collaborate Pilot – another Building Block installation.

  • Bandwidth monitoring will be key during these pilots/trials.

6. McGraw-Hill Connect

  • When will test server be available to install and test for Kate Byerwalter? Mark anticipate this will be available tonight (11/16)

7. Relay Servers

  • We have not heard from any Relay 1.2 users. We are going to shutdown the old server.
  • We will use a virtual server to test the newer version of relay and once the build works we’ll commit to hardware.
  • The link on Relay 3that currently directs back to relay will be remove.
    • Relay 3 will become Relay.

8. Building Blocks

  • NBC & SlideShare Building Blocks – Issue: students can create embed Slideshare into discussion boards, but their instructor cannot view them.
  • Two building blocks still waiting to be put into production – they are working on Bb 16 but Mark cannot get them into production.

9. Final Grades – Bb to PeopleSoft

  • Oracle Demo – Mark working on getting documentation.
  • IT is investigating this possibility.

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