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November 11, 2011 / dlitgroup

MiBUG Fall 2011: Fostering Innovation

Welome Presentation

MiBUG Fall 2011: Welcome - Fostering Innovation

Welcome Session

  • Put the tools aside, lets find a way to best teach the student.
  • How do you put the thinkers and doers together at the same time for successful collaboration? Break out of our “silos”?
    • Davenport U has built an Innovation Station which uses crowdsourcing to foster collaboration and innovation through discussion and conversation.
  • Informal learning model: One-stop community location for all Davenport University Staff to go for any information.
    • Helps to breakdown silo walls even further

Blackboard Collaborate

  • A triage of products including Web Conferencing, Enterprise Instant Messaging (Blackboard IM), and Voice Authoring.
    • GRCC is working towards a pilot of Blackboard Collaborate’s Web Conferencing Tool
  • The Bb Collaborate products and improvements are specifically driven by the users.
    • Echo cancellation and seamless telefony are coming in the future!
  • Join the Collaborati!

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