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November 11, 2011 / dlitgroup

MiBUG: Breakout Session #1

Group Collaboration in Blackboard: Facilitating Interactivity in Learning
Dr. Belinda J. Moses

  • Fear factor: Do your students early on in the semester want to call you all the time or meet you on campus?
  • Some students feel they just have to hear their instructor’s voice
    • Instead of calling your students; record a welcome to the course – or even a short audio or video for each week!
    • Gloria Lukusa-Barnett from Ferris State University posts a jing recording for each week welcoming her students to the week and introducing the topics.
  • How can you meet the needs of your students, but still prepare them for learning in an online environment where a lot of communication is written?
    • In the workplace these days, just about everyone will have to work in a team and do some of their work online.
    • With technology moving so fast, if we consider the video – Did You Know? – students now are learning things that will be obsolete in four years when they’ve graduated. It is important to prepare them with the skills they will need to use different technologies – some of which may not even exist yet.
  • Give your students strategies to be a good online student!
    • Characteristics:
      • Work independently
      • Use Time Management Skills
      • Self Motivated/self-directed
      • Attendance – be in the moment
      • Consistent in work ethics, a non-procrastinator
      • Committed and Dedicated to success
      • Pit-butt tenacity/mentality

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