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October 26, 2011 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – October 21

The following updates are from the DLIT Department for the week ending October 21st.


This area includes international, national, regional, state, and local activities.

Department Action Projects & College Action Projects

This area includes accomplishments or milestones regarding Departmental and College Action Project(s).

  • Project 1 – Extend DL Program
    • Exemplary Course Training Part II – Meegan Lillis facilitated two sessions for campus participants as well as 2 instructors who joined live via a trial Bb Collaborate session since they live in St. Joseph, MI and Weaton, Illinois
    • Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Team – Meegan Lillis is working to convene a meeting with Carmela Zapata, Garry Brand, and Bill Faber to gather potential faculty names for the team as well as to draft a charge for the group.
    • Course Quality – Meegan Lillis facilitated a webinar through the Instructional Technology Council, Reviewing Online Course Development and Delivery: An Ongoing Process. The archive of the webinar is available to GRCC Faculty and Staff for the next 60 days, anyone interested should email for the link.
    • New Interactive Rubric Videos – Meegan Lillis created new videos and added them to the Blackboard Tip Sheets web page and the Blackboard Training Course.
  • Project 2 – Enhance Classroom and Instructional Technologies
  • Project 3 – Extend Blackboard Learn, Content, Community

Other Work within Your Department

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from within the department.

  • ISIS Project Meeting – Discussed plans for 2012 sessions to be offered via the CTE.
  • EOL Faculty Meeting – Garry Brand, Meegan Lillis, and Tim Koets met and discussed the OHCC Orientation, the current expectations for facilitating training sessions, Winter 2012 offerings and strategy, and blog posts.
  • Web Advisory Meeting – Meegan Lillis attending on Thursday.

EOL Faculty Reports

This area includes accomplishments, milestones, or comments from EOL faculty in the department.

  • Luann Keizer
    1. Reviewed all courses requiring online delivery in new information security degree with Computer Apps staff. All courses were assigned and goal set for Fall 12 delivery.
    2. Worked with C. Kautz on issues with video in online course
    3. Followed up on 14 support issues in OHCC
    4. Taught BB Basics, OHCC orientation course Friday, 10/14
    5. BB Basics Online support/maintenance-2 hours.
    6. Worked with BB to get 10/21 BB-IM webinar ready.
  • Tim Koets
    1. Assisted Luann Keizer at Friday OHCC Orientation, giving overview of 1st week activities.
    2. Gave multiple presentations on using Blackboard on Adjunct Recruiting Day, which was this past Saturday, October 15th.  Each presentation was filled with potential adjunct instructors and there were about 50 in the two meetings I conducted.
  • Garret Brand
    1. Attended session of Exemplary Online Courses.
    2. Created video and blog post about using adaptive release for a syllabus quiz (
    3. Met with faculty facilitators regarding
      1. Process for offering and facilitating sessions (feedback from project meeting yesterday).
      2. OHCC start-up and Friday session (Garry and Meegan are covering).
      3. Winter 2012
      4. Results of department visit.
      5. Blog posts
      6. Documenting work outside of sessions.
      7. Notes from Faculty Facilitator meeting.
        1. Tim trained and inteviewed faculty Saturday. There were approximately 140 adjunct, Conducted two Bb Basics sessions (and Bill Faber conducted two). Content of the presentation was around minimum expectations and how we use Blackboard. Could probably be a video with someone there who can answer questions. This is not a hands-on session and is only 20-25 minutes.
        2. Some adjuncts asked about getting into Blackboard training before hired. This led to a discussion of whether we should open our training to this and other outside groups. Consensus was that we should not do this. A recommendation was that all new hires, including adjunct should be scheduled for Bb Basics.
        3. Going to remove all sessions except the major ones (e.g. Basics, Grade Center, OHCC) and put the others online.
        4. Need to move to a model where faculty e-mail and schedule 1-1 meetings through Jose.
        5. Department visit (Computer Apps) went well. Some adjuncts in Computer Apps needed the information. No response from other departments? May need to find out when their meeting is and ask for 10-15 minutes at the end of the agenda.
        6. Problem with the faculty practice module. New posts are not showing up. Tim will get us a blog post – perhaps from Trends.
      8. Attended Blackboard Team Meeting –
      9. Attended Sloan webinar on Teaching and Learning with Facebook.
      10. Attendeed ETOM Fall Conference
      11. Assisted in facilitation of OHCC Orientation.
      12. Attended ISIS Project Management Meeting – will start meeting regularly.
      13. Assisted faculty and submitted tracking forms to

DLIT Traffic Table

Mid-Week Ending Primary Audience Professional Development College Meetings Community Outreach Consultative / Faculty Tracking


Community Members
Weekly TOTAL
* Sessions offered through CTE * Meeting attendee count for Meegan, Jose, and Eric * External Attendance Counts, Conference Calls, Webinars * DLIT Tracking Form for Drop-in, Email, Phone

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