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October 26, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – October 26

Present:  Fred Bauman, Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen

1. Database (Moving/Consolidating)

  • Making a copy of production and using that to create a test and dev DB instance.

2. Old Relay Server (Password)

  • Alias will be removed for Relay that points to Relay 3.
  • November 1st the old version of Relay with be turned off.
  • Faculty that have submitted recordings will be contacted and encouraged to upgrade to Relay 3 due to the expiring of Relay 1.2.  Eric will gather a list of these users and how to upgrade.
  • Garry will work on a marketing blitz on new Relay 3 features.

3. Archive S10

  • Once the database is done copying the archive process will be run to archive S10 and then remove s10 from production.
  • We’ll need to check for orphan content for course files.

4. Automation

  • Mark talked with Bill about attending the team meetings as needed.
  • Timing of when classes become available for upcoming semester.  There are 2 parts to this with 1 being the PS integration table and then snapshot.  For now we’ll plan to keep the 30 day window.  Deadline for new courses December 9th.
  • Fixing combined section naming is needed. Deadline is Friday December 9th (before classes are created).  Mark will invite and talk to Bill about attending next meeting to layout a plan.
  • Instructor removal is needed for reassignments. This will also be reviewed next week with Bill.
  • March 23rd is the deadline for course creation for Summer 2012.

5. Gradebook/Peoplesoft

  • Meeting with Oracle to go over their solution.  Mark, Kevin, and David are attending a meeting on November 3rd.
  • Also we will be looking at the Merizon approach.  What was Szymon’s plan?  Let’s investigate all options and select the best approach.

6. Astro/Analytics

  • We have data now with ASTRO.  We are also reviewing Bb Analytics for touch points and researching Analytics for Learn when released.
  • Bb Analytics was purchased recently.  Who is on the deployment/implementation team?
  • Investigate field trial for analytics for Learn.

7. Patches

  • Version 4 of Access Denied Patch.  Mark will get the patch from Bb Support and apply to Test.

8. Help Desk

  • An instructor deleted their course menu item and there isn’t a way to get the materials back.
  •  Review /bbpolicies page.



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