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October 19, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – October 19, 2011

In attendance: Garry Brand, Meegan Lillis, Fred Bauman

Relay Server

  • When will we upgrade?
    • A new version is out.
    • We need to remove the old version of relay to be able to put the new version up for testing.
    • Users are now able to FTP to Raidercast and manipulate their files, so if we remove the deprecated version of relay, users will still be able to get to their older recordings.
    • Mark will turn off the old relay server version 1.2.0 this week.
      • Garry will put together an email to communicate the change to faculty – the old recorder will not work any longer, where to go for the new recorder and where to go to access old recordings.
      • Garry and Meegan will work on the GRCC relay website.
      • We will plan to put the new version in place for testing by November 1, 2011.

Bb 11

  • The issue of a server having more usage is somewhat better, but it still does not reflect what the other servers are recording – two of the three servers are around 40%-45% and Bb 11 is at 86%.
  • Mark is still researching the issue, but it has not caused and downtime.


  • Mark has worked with Steve to update the script for removing the old Summer 2010 courses. The script is ready, Mark just needs to find a good time to set it to run, he will meet with Szymon regarding this. Mark will talk to Scott to take a snapshot of production to run the archive on Bb16.
  • December 9th is a scheduled maintenance window, and the date to have Winter 2012 courses appear.
    • Mark will ask Bill how this is done on the PeopleSoft end.

Update on Dialogue with Blackboard regarding the Database

  • After applying the patch, there was no change seen in our database.
  • Mark asked Blackboard for best practices on how to optimize the database, and is working with Jess.

Network Updates

  • Should we post an announcement to let our Blackboard users know when their are system issues? Currently, the ITHelp feeds are not located right on the Blackboard homepage.
    • Mark will look into adding the GRCCITUPDATES WordPress Feed to the Blackboard homepage right above the Browser Check channel.


  • Service Pack 7
    • Sometime in December Service Pack 8 will be released, but Service Pack 7 issues have not yet been resolved.
    • When it get closer to the end of the semester, will we just stay with our current system and test SP 7 and SP 8 in the Winter.
  • Oracle Connection
    • The big picture for the Oracle meeting on November 3 includes other features; we may be able to integrate courses and export final grades as well as other features to streamline our current systems.

Blackboard Drive

  • Mark has received the client from Blackboard.
  • He’ll update us on this next week.

Follow-up for next week:

  • Mark will check on number of relay encodes.
  • Blackboard Collaborate pilot – Meegan will follow-up.

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