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October 12, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – October 12, 2011

In attendance: Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand, Meegan Lillis

Updates from Mark

  • Extra “junk” was found on the server in a backup directory
    • Is there anything else on the system that may cause this in the future?
      • Mark will check the file space of the other servers
  • Soft Chalk Registration is working now in production.
  • Almost completed with GUI Training; just needs to complete Final.
  • Blackboard Drive: Mark has sent a request on Behind the Blackboard to get client software for the PC.
    • Note: Blackboard Drive client will not be available until 2012.
    • In the past we’ve had issues with the database and xythos, so to be safe we will install and test on Bb16 first.
    • Once we get the new Bb Drive how will we push it out to users? Check to see if there is a module that can be created in Blackboard or find another method to provide the client to users.
  • Patch Update: The patch for the database has been installed on Bb16 for a week with no issue.
Action Steps:
  • Mark will check disk space of all servers to ensure we will not have the same issue of old files.
  • Summer 2010 Courses – Mark will set up the script to remove these courses
  • Final Grades – Mark will continue to track this and the various options; there is a meeting with Oracle set up for November 3rd to see their solution. After the meeting, we may get more traction by inviting key people to the next Bb Team Meeting.
    • Additionally, we need to remember to ask our faculty what they want.
  • The database does need regular maintenance, and Mark will follow up with Jess.
  • Raidercast FTP still needs to be researched to determine why it is not working.
  • Check using relay3 instead of relay to see if that makes a difference.
  • Jeff requested that Mark follow-up and ensure that we have 3 encodes available for relay.
  • Meegan will provide Mark with a copy of the Blackboard Collaborate Pilot Proposal, and follow-up after DLCAP meeting with next steps.

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