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October 5, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – October 5, 2011

In attendance: Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Meegan Lillis, Fred Bauman, Mark Nordblom

Update from Fred:

  • No major Blackboard issues to report.
  • Raidercast FTP creating errors; allows a user to log in to their account, but does not allow users to manage or delete their data.
    • Mark will research this issue.


  • New patch available for PDF issue. LRNSI 5098
    • Mark will add to bb16 this week with plan to roll into production Friday night, October 7.
  •  No word yet on the Access Denied patch.
  • Database utilization – Xythos keeps open connections causing higher usage rates, patch is available for this issue.
    • Mark will add to bb16 for testing with plan to roll into production Friday night, October 7.

Update from Mark:

  • Mark started GUI Admin training.
  • Next he will be taking Content training.
  • SoftChalk has been registered on production.
  • Set-up a meeting regarding the connection of final grades from Blackboard to PeopleSoft.
  • Bb7 Listserv has been overloaded with negative comments on the service pack.

Course Dates

  • We need to create a calendar of dates when both new courses will be created and old courses will be deleted.
    • Additionally when students will be loaded.
  • Summer 2010 courses need to be removed.
  • We also need to identify a process for finding orphaned content and removing it.
  • Automation issues – a separate meeting needs to be set-up to look at issues and potentials for auto-creating courses.

Action Items

  • Mark will look at policies on course creation, deletion, and user population for accuracy and will create a calendar.
  • Mark will set-up a meeting with Bill F. to discuss automation.

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