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September 28, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – September 28, 2011

In attendance: Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, Meegan Lillis, Fred Bauman

From this date forward, we will meet at an alternate location.

Access Denied Conference Call Update

  • One issue is related to the new auto-save feature. It can potentially double click and cause an error.
  • Blackboard has since released two patches; the latest patch is currently available on Bb16. However, there are still reports coming in from institutions using the second patch.
  • A new patch will be available in the next 3-7 days to fix the remaining issues.
  • Do we want to rush in the patch we have in test now or wait until the new patch comes out?
  • How many reports are coming in to ITHelp? It is too difficult to track since most calls come in after the fact, from a user other than the one who experienced the issue.

Blackboard Collaborate Pilot

  • We have obtained a form from Blackboard to begin the process of piloting Bb Collaborate.
  • We need to work on getting all the necessary signatures for the documents, formally communicate with key stakeholders, evangelism, training, and support (work with the Help Desk).
  • We need to articulate the pilot and show how it links to CAPs.

Update on Relay

  • A new faculty member was in a Relay training this morning and was successfully able to log in to Relay. It looks like accounts for new hires are including all of the critical information.

Action Steps from last week:

  • Need to submit a project request to either notify students of expiring passwords or push out self-service password reset which could eliminate the need for this. Given how long it will be until we have a self-serve password reset, we need to escalate this project. Fred to follow-up with Mark on this.
    • Potentially a module that users see in Blackboard when they log in which indicates when their password will expire, and gives them the opportunity to reset their password.
    • Fred will be getting updates on self-service resets on September 22 and will update the team in the next meeting. This is tentatively scheduled for release in Winter 2012.

Action Steps:

  • Mark will follow-up with Kevin on final grades functionality between Blackboard and PeopleSoft. Track this issue over the Fall semester.
  • SoftChalk  settings for the Score Center need to be registered on production.
  • Garry will follow up with faculty on Xythos Pilot.
  • Over the next week, the team will review and assess the lists of fixes in SP7, and we will determine our next move in the September 28th meeting.
  • Meegan and Garry to start on Bb Collaborate action project; gather data and interested faculty.
  • Test Access Denied patch on Bb16 and give feedback to Mark to roll out the currently available patch ASAP. Target – Monday, October 3.
  • Mark to sign up for Blackboard security webinars.
  • Eric will check on adding administrators to StarFish so they can run activity reports.

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