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September 14, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – September 14, 2011

In attendance: Eric Kunnen, Garret Brand, Fred Bauman, Meegan Lillis, Mark Nordblom

  • Update from the help desk: The phones have quieted down. No major Blackboard issues to report.
    • The issue of faculty and staff not receiving email reminders to change password has been discovered and the problem is being resolved.
  • Weird issues have been seen lately:
    • Issues in the group tools; discussions which have been made unavailable by the instructor are still visible by the students. This feature is being looked at for a fix in Bb Service Pack 8.
  • The protocol for adding patches and building blocks to the production server will be included in action steps area that will always be placed at the end of the  meeting minutes. After an action step has been completed, an email will be sent to the Blackboard team and updated in the following week’s minutes.
    • Add a Test Student Building Block has been added to production.
    • Four patches were added to production; AS-161899, AS-162462, AS-162528 and AS-162813.
  • Listservs have been going crazy with the pdf display issue, but thus far ITHelp has not received many calls.
    • The best practice for faculty using PDFs is to open the file in a new window.
  • SoftChalk building block has been fully tested.
    • This is a unique building block because people cannot use the tool unless they have the software. It possible to make this building block unavailable by default at the course level and allow an instructor to turn it on if they need it.
  • PhotoRoster
    • Students are still missing from the roster.
    • When the roster is updated, we also need to run Create Thumbnails.

Action Steps:

  • Mark will install SoftChalk Building Block in production on September 14th.
  • Mark will find out when the photo roster was last updated from the transact system, and look into updating the system and building thumbnails.



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