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September 7, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting, September 7, 2011


Present: Mark Nordblom, Fred Bauman, Meegan Lillis, Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand

Update from Starfish: We have gotten notification from Starfish that they have removed the home phone numbers from staff accounts.

1. StarFish Notifications:

  • Can Fall 2011 be set to active term?  Are instructors receiving last login email copies?
    • How can this be tracked?
    • Evidentally, students are getting notification emails, but faculty may not be.
    • Admin panel shows statistics such as number of flags sent, but there is no data on number of emails sent.
    • Mark is currently working with Starfish to get clarification on these issues

2. Patches – – Testing, Test Timer, Multiple Footers in Email.

  • These patches are all in place and ready to go live on Friday during scheduled maintenance window.

3. Building Blocks – – Softchalk testing, Demo Student Building Block GO Live?

  • Discussion related to security issues of demo student building block; by using this method instead of our current method where faculty are sharing test students, it is actually more secure.
  • The naming convention will continue to work as we do not use underscores in usernames at this point.
  • At some point in time should we expire/delete these accounts?
  • What are the support implications?
  • Promotion and support – Meegan will oversee creation of tip sheet and  video tutorial
    • Cover how to create test user, enroll, and change password
    • Facebook Page will be used to promote the new tool
  • We are ready to add this building block to production on Friday, September 9
  • SoftChalk Building Block
    • Further testing needs to be done
      • Sync between course and SoftChalk
    • Continue to keep this building block on bb16 until further notice

4. We will be pushing the OS updates to bb16 for testing overnights September 7, and September 8.

5. Relay – Adjunct faculty are not able to authenticate to the Relay server.  Work needs to occur to add the fullname in Relay so faculty can access Relay.

  • Eric will follow-up with Kevin regarding Tuesday meeting’s Relay conversation
  • Unrelated issue; do the machines in 351 Main allow users to connect to relay client? There is relay training on September 13, Meegan will test lab machines and follow-up on this issue.

6. External Links – Links to external sites that open in same window is not appearing to work for YouTube and some other sites. Is there a problem?  If so, we need to replicate it and submit a ticket with Bb support.

  • There is still an issue with embedding YouTube videos in announcements; even if embedded properly, old announcements do no appear to faculty, and the ability to email students is broken.
  • Mark will research issues and submit tickets to Blackboard.

7. Automation – BB.ORIENT missing students, combined section naming needs to be reviewed and modified for the Winter semester.  David, Bill, Mark, and Eric will get together.

  • Mark will work with Bill and update the team.

For next meeting: Visit statistics around number of users on the system and storage space.


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