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August 23, 2011 / dlitgroup

Day 2 Blackboard Advanced – Summer Technology Institute

Luann Keizer (left), Meegan Lillis (center), and Garry Brand (right) at the Summer Technology Institute

Garry Brand provides today’s update of the Summer Technology Institute…

Thanks to all who helped facilitate and especially those too that attended Day1!

Welcome to Day 2 of our 6th Annual Summer Technology Institute. It’s time for Blackboard Advanced. Our Lead Facilitators are Tim and Ann. We’ll be covering:

  • Grade Center (Manage, Calculated Columns, Reports, Needs Grading, Categories, Smart Views, etc)
  • Building Content (Audio, Image, Video, Learning Module, New Page, Mashups, etc)
  • Creating Assessments (Advanced Test, SafeAssignment, etc)
  • Adding Interactive Tools (Discussion Board, Threads, Blogs, Wikis, Journals, Voice Tools, etc)
  • Course Tools (Overview, Mobile Preferences, Professor Notification Tool, Interactive Rubrics, etc)
  • Control Panel (Evaluation, Users, Customization, Packages and Utilities, etc)

Here are a few reminders and links to resources:

The Summer Technology Institute page is located here:

Blackboard Connect is a brand new resource here:

Blackboard IM is an excellent way to offer online office hours, more information about this tool is available here:

Camtasia Relay provides faculty with the ability to record their lectures and also to create screencasts with ease.  Information about this tool is available here:

NBC Learn is a great tool to bring in real world media and video content.  This service is highlighted here:
In addition to the Blackboard resources above, as well as other advanced topics, the following information is provided as a preparation for Day 3:

GRCC Syllabus Page

GRCC Relay Page

Teaching Online


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