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August 22, 2011 / dlitgroup

Day 1 Blackboard Bootcamp – Summer Technology Institute

GRCC’s 6th Annual Summer Technology Institute is one of the best events for faculty to become fully immersed in leveraging technologies such as Blackboard in teaching and learning.  This DLIT facilitated event is offered through the Center for Teaching Excellence which provides a  wide array of training sessions throughout the year, including special events such as the Institute for faculty to enhance their teaching.

Day 1 of the annual Summer Technology Institute focuses on leveraging and using Blackboard in teaching and learning at GRCC.  The bootcamp covers the basics while tomorrow (day 2), advanced topics will be discussed and shared with the faculty in attendance.  On day 3, faculty will choose a project and work to complete it before the semester begins.

Luann Keizer and Diane Sparks were the “officers” (facilitators) for the Blackboard Bootcamp day and Meegan Lillis, Garry Brand (pictured complete with combat fatigues below), and Tim Koets assisted in helping the “troops”…

There were 18 faculty involved in day 1, making up the “troops”… and they had the opportunity to learn from the officers (facilitators) on a wide array of Blackboard topics.  The key highlights from today’s 5 hour session included the following topics:

  • Overview of Blackboard 9
  • Creating Announcements
  • Creating basic content (items, folders, course and external links)
  • Creating a simple quiz and gradebook entry
  • Support Resources

More about the 6th Annual Summer Technology Institute is available here:

To stay up to date with the latest work from the department of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies, please visit:

Accessing Blackboard Faculty Resources and to get on board with Blackboard, visit: or GRCC’s YouTube site here:

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GRCC Professor and DLIT faculty facilitator, Garry Brand (in combat fatigues) at the Blackboard Bootcamp! Luann Keizer is directing where to click in Blackboard (front of the room) while Diane Sparks (pictured to the far right) is overseeing and assisting!


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