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August 17, 2011 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting

Present: Eric Kunnen, Mark Nordblom, Garry Brand, Meegan Lillis, Szymon Machejewski


1) Disk Space – collaborating with IT on ensuring that we have sufficient disk space and get alerts well before we run out.
2) Bb Connect (Turning on SMS) – need Szymon to coordinate with Blackboard by Friday. Need to create communication and get it out. Szymon will check with Rave on GRCC channel.
3) McGraw-Hill Request for Building Block  – waiting for faculty to test. Need input before putting into production.
4) Fall Readiness – Combined Sections, Automation, etc. – automation in place. No changes made. Problem with naming convention (appears in Other Courses).
5) SafeAssign Updates – most issues fixed. Four (4) submissions are missing on central service. Mark will communicate downtimes.
6) Bb Mobile Updates – Working now!
7) Portal Cleanup, Modules, and Help Icon – team will meet again to work on portal clean-up.
8) Starfish Early Alert Configuration – Szymon gave Naomi dates for semesters for next three (3) years. He will work with Mark on transition.
9) Szymon’s Transition to Faculty – will meet with Mark on Friday.
10) Test Bank Software and Bb – work with faculty to attempt import and then have them contact publisher.
11) Wimba Pronto / Bb IM updates – doesn’t appear to be in Windows 7 image (at least in 351 Main).
12) Bugs and FAQs – standard agenda item to track and update tickets. Also, need to update/remove FAQ on Help Tab.
13) Need about 30 minutes of downtime for DBA to change some settings (per Szymon).
14) Photo Roster – Mark to e-mail details to Szymon. Szymon will fix printing issue.


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