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June 8, 2011 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – June 10

The following updates are from the DLIT Department for the week ending June 10th.


This area includes international, national, regional, state, and local activities.

  • Jenison International Academy – Eric Kunnen attended an informational meeting at Jenison High School which is beginning an online program for students to earn a state diploma through a unique fully online and free program offered through the school.  The website is located here:  Eric was able to speak with the superintendent, the administrative assistance for the JIA program, and the assistant principle.  Connecting and collaborating with Jenison was also discussed around GRCC’s Early College offerings to expand online learning at the college.
  • Educause CORE Data Survey – Eric Kunnen assisted in completing with EDUCAUSE Core Date Survey with the CIO.  This is an important research collection survey that provides good benchmarking data for the college.
  • ETOM Higgins Lake Retreat – Next week, Garry Brand and Eric Kunnen will be attending and presenting at the conference.  The session details are as follows:
    “State of the (Mobile) Union – Garret Brand & Eric Kunnen, Grand Rapids Community College

In theory, most learners are mobile. Many have a smart phone, tablet, netbook or laptop. Are they actually engaged in mobile learning? Are we providing content for the mobile environment? Come hear how one community college (GRCC) sees the “State of the (Mobile) Union!” Participants will get an opportunity to try new mobile apps and use the iPad, iPhone and other mobile technologies. They will also get to experience and share examples of mobile learning.”
  • BIE Learn Analytics Advisory Board – GRCC is participating on the advisory board for analytics.


This area includes College work related to teams and committees.

School of Arts & Sciences, Student Affairs, Workforce Development, and Instructional Support & Interdisciplinary Studies.

This area includes participation in the above schools as a representative of DLIT.

  • ISIS Directors Project Management Meeting – DLIT participated in a planning meeting to identify a cohesive way of providing self-service and support resources for faculty.  On a related note, Eric will be working to assemble a meeting with IT to review GRCC’s model of service for faculty and students.  Especially as online learning continues to grow, the AGC minimum use standard, and the increase in use of a wide array of instructional technologies.

College Action Projects

This area includes participation in any CAP work related to the college.

  • DL CAP – David Anderson, Pat Ingersol, Garry Brand, and Eric Kunnen met to review work completed so far in the draft plan.  A draft of the business plan is targeted by the end of the summer.

Department Action Projects

This area includes accomplishments or milestones regarding Departmental Action Project(s).

  • Project 1 – Extend DL Program
    • Early College Meeting – Diane Patrick; Eric J. Kunnen; Jeffrey Hartman; Michael Vargo; Sara Hill; Daniel Clark; Amy Koning; and Eric Kunnen met to discuss plans for increasing online enrollment through providing Early College courses to high school students.  Further, as mentioned above, Eric was able to speak with the Jenison Public Schools superintendent, the administrative assistance for the JIA program, and the assistant principle about the new Jenison International (online) Academy.  Connecting and collaborating with Jenison was also discussed around GRCC’s Early College offerings to expand online learning at the college.  It is also interesting to note that Jenison and Blackboard Inc. has partnered with K12 Inc to provide online courses for the JIA program as well as Blackboard Developmental Education.  K12 Inc. has a good reputation for student success and high quality online course offerings.  Also noteworthy is that K12 offers facilitated online instruction which is also GRCC’s model versus other vendor offerings that are more self-paced, self-guided “canned courses” such as e2020 which is begin used by Grand Rapids Public.  Finally, many high schools desire foreign languages online and it would be important for GRCC to respond to this need in growing the DL program.
  • Project 2 – Enhance Classroom and Instructional Technologies
    • Relay 3 Deployment – With Mark Nordblom’s and Szymon Machajewki’s help, we have placed Relay 3 in test mode.  The system will be evaluated and final plans put in place to upgrade the campus’s enterprise lecture capture system from version 1.2 to version 3 before Fall.
    • GRCC Digital Initiative – Jim Schafer, Mark Vogel, Eric Kunnen, and Garry Brand met to discuss details around checking out equipment with the goal of also capturing the outcomes of using the equipment along with identifying obstacles and also lessons learned upon the return of the hardware.  What is planned is:
      – Faculty will meet with faculty or the IT/D and then the technology will be recorded by Media Tech and then they will be trained by the EOL faculty or IT/D.
      – We will need a form developed for the faculty to collect key outcomes, goals, and also the return of the device(s) for obstacles and lessons learned.
      – Mark will check on encoding the tablets and iPod touchs with the Staff wireless key.
      – The team will also be looking to install 3 to 4 permanent classroom microphones for Relay use.
  • Project 3 – Extend Blackboard Learn, Content, Community
    • NBC Learn Report – The following data comes from the NBC Learn report and this covers the month of May for GRCC’s use of the features in the NBC Learn tool:
      TOP 5 Videos
      1.    So-Called “Smart Drug” Plagues College Campuses
      2.    GOP Draws Battle Lines with Budget Passage
      3.    Nature vs. Nurture in Men and Women
      4.    President Obama Releases Birth Certificate
      5.    Stress Management Techniques
      – A total of 109 Minutes with 123 different videos were accessed
    • Bb Connect – Szymon Machajewski installed the Building Block for Connect on GRCC’s test server.  Evaluation is beginning with plans for rollout this summer and officially this Fall with training resources to wrap around the new capabilities.
    • Summer Tech Institute and Faculty Professional Development Planning – Diane Sparks, Garry Brand, Penni Weninger, and Eric Kunnen met to discuss the following items.  The focus was planning the upcoming STI events and the following is a synopsis of the meeting notes:
      – Needed now is better promotion of the STIs.
      – September 17th is also a Bb Basics & Advanced Day available in the ATC. Diane will host the basics session. This date is promoted to adjunct but is also open to full time faculty.
      – Penni will relay info to ESPs and other contacts for promotion and work to create and send a postcard for the STIs.
      – Ann will send an invitation to CLT and Acadeans.
      – GRCC Today will also be used to promote the STIs.
      – Eric will highlight on the My Courses Plus module.
      – CTE will look at providing a single web page for hosting summer events.
      – Diane will cover the Basics and Ann will focus on Advanced.
      – The goal will be include the new instructional technologist/designer to assist.
      – Luann will cover the basics session in August and Tim the advanced day.
      – Also the EOL faculty team will be planning DropIn Sessions and work to update DLIT’s miniCARPS and Session Outlines

Other Work within Your Department

This area includes accomplishments or milestones within the department.

Learning Plans/Evaluation Plans

This area contains information related to Learning Plans or Evaluation Plans.

  • PDD and Learning Plan – Ric Underhile and Eric Kunnen completed work on the PDD and Learning Plan.


Additional noteworthy items.

  • DLIT Meeting – Jose Moraand Eric Kunnen met to discuss work for the department and to plan out the next few weeks of work.
  • Onboarding – Eric Kunnen and Jose Mora met to provide HR and IT with the proper forms to ensure the new Instructional Technologist/Designer begins on June 20th with the needed resources such as computer access, phone, email groups, etc.

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