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May 13, 2011 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – April 8, 15, 22, and 29

The following updates for the the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department for the weeks ending April 8, 15, 22, and the 29th.

DEPARTMENTAL – This category includes general tasks, ongoing maintenance, issue tracking, faculty support, and other duties related to the department’s operations.

  • Budget for GRCC Digital Initiative – The $10,000 budget approved during the 2010-11 departmental action plan work was identified and hardware/software was requested to be purchased.  The purpose of this initiative is to empower faculty and students to discover, explore, pilot, implement, and leverage new and emerging technologies to extend, improve, and enhance teaching and learning.  More information about this project (including specific hardware and the project plan) is located here:  [Linked to the DLIT DAP on Enhancing Classroom and Instructional Technologies]
  • Photo Added to Raidercard Page – Szymon Machajewki added a new Building Block to Blackboard the provides a user photo that can be used in the process of developing a profile in the new Drupal website.
  • Blackboard Survey – A survey was created and data was collected regarding faculty and student use of Blackboard.  This data will be compiled and summarized and shared with DEANS in the next few weeks. [Linked to DLIT DAP on Expand DL Program]
  • Grade Center Session – 2 faculty attended a Blackboard Grade Center session offered through the CTE.
  • Rave Demo and Bb Connect Demo – DLIT participated in a webinar to review the features of Rave Wireless and Blackboard Connect for providing academic text messaging. [Linked to DLIT DAP on Extending the Bb Learn Platform]
  • Techsmith Visit – Garry Brand and Eric Kunnen were interviewed about GRCC’s use of Camtasia Relay in teaching and learning.
  • New Online Course Rubric Review – The first course review process with the new course review rubric was completed.  This was a very good process and it was decided that future reviews will include having the instructor complete a survey first for use by the team. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • ID Interview Team – The instructional designer interview team held a meeting and created an assignment for the candidates. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • ISIS DLIT Faculty Updates – Garry Brand compiled a report for ISIS regarding the EOL faculty in DLIT.  Key areas mentioned included the 5th Annual Teaching, Learning, and Technology Showcase, miBUG Conference, GVSU Teaching with Technology Symposium, and OHCC work.  More information is available here:
  • OHCC Winter Session Certificates – The following faculty were awarded certificates for the completion of the OHCC certification course: Deborah  Bates,    Cara  Debbaudt,    Derek  DeVries,    Keith  Ferguson,    Willie  Jones,    David  Knoll,    Rhonda  Leese,    Rachel  Lutwick-Deaner,   Carrie  Steenwyk,    David  Tannor,    Lauren  Teal,    Patricia  Verbrugge, and    Troy  Walwood [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Meeting with IT about Bb Firewall  – Eric Kunnen met (Szymon was unavailable) to request that the Bb test servers be open outside of the Firewall for testing the McGraw-Hill and Respondus Class Building Blocks.
  • Summer courses created on Bb – A faculty notification was sent indicating the availability of summer classes on Blackboard.
  • New Faculty Institute End of Year Celebration – Eric Kunnen attended to new faculty institute end of year celebration.
  • Sneden Multimedia Classroom Training – Eric Kunnen met with Vicki Janowiak and Rick Olsen to review plans for next Fall for training faculty to use the equipment at the Devos Campus.  Lisa Gloege was mentioned as a valuable faculty member to provide the training sessions.  In addition, a recap meeting that includes faculty that have taught at the Devos Campus is set to be held in May.
  • Met with Faculty for DLIT – A meeting was held with the DLIT EOL Faculty to prepare for end of Winter and beginning of Summer.
  • Wimba Pronto Training –  The training was a webinar conducted by Vicki Olund from Blackboard.
 There were 2 sessions held: Friday, April 8, 9-11 am and 
Friday, April 15, 9-11 am  Here is the description of the training: “Whether it is one-to-one communication, group learning sessions, or
administrative support, Wimba Pronto will provide instructors and students 
alike the ability to add their own personality to their online teaching and learning.
 Through interactive exercises, participants will learn how the collaborative efforts
among Pronto users will help achieve a deeper level of knowledge when
providing immediate feedback. Pronto for voice/video chat, online office hours,
application sharing and using the Whiteboard will be reviewed.” [Linked to DLIT DAP on Extending Bb Learn Platform.]

ACCESS – GRCC minimizes the barriers of time, place, cost, and educational preparation levels so that all members of the community have an opportunity to participate in college programs.

  • DL Student Orientation Letter and Website – There was a slight delay in updating the DLIT website.  The latest ATC Open Computer lab Bb Basics sessions for students needed to be updated, but because it requires Web Team personnel work because of the need to use tables to display the information.  The site was updated on the Friday before the summer semester began on the following Monday.  Also, all online students received a welcome and orientation letter.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – GRCC enriches the community through educational and civic programming and partnerships.

  • Mobile Sprint for EDUCAUSE – DLIT participated in a 5 day sprint (during the week of the 25th) of webinars focused on mobile technologies for teaching and learning.   The focus was to engage with the community in discussion about the variety of ways mobile technologies are changing higher education.
    Here is a summary of the event:  “Perhaps no area of higher education IT is evolving more rapidly. Colleges and universities are making important decisions about mobile computing and how it can be incorporated into effective technology programs—today and tomorrow. Eighty-five percent of the higher education IT community we surveyed said they need more information to advance their mobile computing initiatives.”The recap of the event is located here:
  • Project Gemini – Bb Collaborate Advisory Board meeting – GRCC is participating in early access to a new synchronous tool for teaching, learning, training, tutoring, and hosting web-based meetings.  Here is a sample article highlighting this program that GRCC is involved in:
  • Sustainability Lunch – Eric Kunnen attended a luncheon with Libuse Binder, a national sustainability author and speaker, on Tuesday, April 5th from 11:30 – 1pm in ATC 122/124, along with Mayor Heartwell. Libuse’s visit is the result of a partnership with GVSU to celebrate Earth Day and sustainability. GVSU faculty, staff, and students also participated.
    Libuse is the author of “10 Ways to Change the World in Your 20s.” To learn more about Libuse’s efforts, please visit her website:  Or to learn more about her visit and speaking engagements, please visit the recent story covered by The Grand Rapids Press:
Consultation Campus-wide event School event Department event CAP event College service Other Weekly Total
Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies ~199 Requests for Faculty Support

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