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April 14, 2011 / dlitgroup

March and April 2011 DLIT Faculty Team Update

As part of our continuing effort to inform our community and to keep in touch with our ISIS colleagues, here’s our monthly updates:

1. What should your ISIS colleagues know about your work over the past months?

In our last update (February 2011), we introduced our new team – Bill Faber, Luann Keizer, Lisa Gloege, Tim Koets, Diane Sparks and Garry Brand. As we move into Summer and plan for the 2011-12 academic year, staffing has already started to change! Bill Faber and Lisa Gloege will be focusing on other responsibilities (but always willing to help), and Diane Sparks will begin to focus on adjunct and basic instructional technology skills. Ann Alexander is moving into a broader faculty professional development role, but will be working more closely with DLIT.

While the number of faculty facilitators are being reduced, we are in the process of hiring a full-time Instructional Technologist/Designer. We also welcome Jose Mora – new ISIS staff who will be supporting our area. Finally, GRCC has recently (external) reposted an Enterprise Analyst position that will “provide primary support for the college’s Blackboard LMS through proactively keeping up to date with all bug fixes, patches, etc. and working closely with the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies group.”

5th Annual Teaching, Learning and Technology Showcase
In our last update, we mentioned that the 5th Annual Teaching, Learning and Technology Showcase would happen at the end of March. We’re happy to report that over 50 faculty and staff from Grand Rapids Community College, Kendall College of Art and Design, and Ferris State University attended.

Michigan Blackboard Users Group (miBUG) Conference and GVSU Teaching with Technology Symposium
On Friday, March 18th the following GRCC staff and faculty had the opportunity to attend: Anna Clark; Brent Spitler; Eric J. Kunnen; Garret Brand; Grace Schwanda; Kevin O’Halla; Lisa Gloege; Mursalata Muhammad; Szymon Machajewski; and Tony VanderArk. The miBUG event brought over 80 attendees across the state from over 28 institutions. A couple of our faculty presented:

Using Tools that Students Use
Students use social media, video, search and mobile technologies to learn. Too often, we take them out of that environment and “deliver content” through a “learning management system.” When is the last time you saw a student using a discussion board outside Blackboard? Join us as we explore how the latest version of Blackboard integrates blogs, wikis, journals, YouTube, instant messaging, mobile and other emerging technologies into the learning process. – Garret Brand, GRCC Business Professor

Partnerships Through the Using Blackboard Technology
This break out shares an example for how technology is useful in creating unique learning environments where community partners can serve as co-educators in classrooms that emphasize civically engaged curriculum like service-learning. – Mursalata Muhammad, GRCC English Professor

Online and Hybrid Certification Course (OHCC)
Our second Winter Online and Hybrid Certification Course (OHCC) is almost finished. Final presentations will be Thursday, April 21. Our Spring OHCC starts with an orientation on Friday, May 5. Again, our cohort is full. We will have another cohort in the Summer (starts July 15).

Individual Faculty Facilitator Updates
Starting with the April update, we also wanted to include individual reports from our faculty facilitators –

Luann Keizer:
1) Organized two Wimba Pronto Webinars with Blackboard staff. Two scheduled now, two in Sept.
2) Participated in Technology Showcase
3) Conducted 2 staff meetings: one to review survey setup, one for Pronto.

Bill Faber:
April has been filled with online basics and gradebook sessions – meeting with faculty in department and at DLIT and fielding email from the DLIT folder and direct emails. Next week is a face to face session on the grade center.

Lisa Gloege:
I’ve been facilitating the OHCC. I’ve also been doing some research into classroom response systems (including finding out what our transfer institutions are doing) and wrote an issue proposal for AGC about choosing a college standard. I’ll be bringing the proposal tomorrow morning to discuss with the group.

Tim Koets:
This month I prepared a presentation on Camtasia Relay for the Technology Showcase event.  I am also helping to facilitate the OHCC on-campus sessions on Friday afternoons.  I am working with the team to develop a strategy for meeting with departments in staff meetings to discuss Camtasia Relay and how faculty can use it to capture lectures.  Finally, I am assisting faculty when possible with technology questions or concerns via e-mail or in person.

Diane Sparks
I have been the on-campus facilitator for the OHCC class on Fridays. I have also learned how to use Camtasia Relay 🙂 Currently, I’m working to set up a mini-Bb Basics session for interested lab preschool staff. Finally, I presented at the Teaching, Learning and Technology Showcase

2. Is your work progressing as planned?

Our work is progressing as planned. We are planning for Summer 2011 through Winter 2012 now. We will be able to focus more on course design and re-design after our new hire.

3. What has worked well?

It was great to have multiple facilitators for the online and hybrid certification!

4. What has not worked?

We still get a lot of faculty who drop-in, call or e-mail and need immediate assistance. Often with technical questions. We are not currently staffed to offer on-demand help-desk support. Once we have the Instructional Technologist/Designer and support staff in place and work out a process for routing these requests, we should be more responsive.

5. What problems/issues are you encountering?

We are still having issues with Blackboard technical issues being directed to our office. We are working through this with the IT Help Desk.

6. In what ways could your ISIS colleagues help you? What other help or support do you need to accomplish your work?

We’re aware that our ISIS colleagues have their own workload. However, we would appreciate your assistance in communicating opportunities for faculty professional development. Faculty can get tired of e-mails and promotions in GRCC Today. Few things are better than a personal endorsement or invitation from a peer!


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