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March 29, 2011 / dlitgroup

Nick – Leveraging Technology to Enhance Note Taking and Learning

The Livescribe Pulse Pen records audio (a lecture for example) and syncs the audio with the special paper you are taking notes on.  The infrared camera in the pen records data from the dot matrix on the paper and stores your notes and audio inside the pens hard drive.  You can then dock your pen to your computer via the provided USB docking station and transfer your notes and audio to the desktop client on your computer.  You can view your notes and click on any part of the lecture documented to hear the audio spoken at that specific time the notes were being written.  Not only can you listen to the full lecture, but you have two sources, the notebook and the desktop client, to view this information.

The iPad/ has an app called “Pencast Player” which allows you to download the notes and audio to be viewed and listened to on the iPad whenever you like.

The ipad also has a multitude of uses with document viewing and note taking and annotations to documents.

An app called “PDF-notes” allows you to take pdf documents in the form of notes or books and make annotations.  If you have a powerpoint slide from your teacher on chapter 5, you can convert the powerpoint to a pdf document and transfer it to your ipad through this app and make notes (hand written) and highlight critical points as you would with a physical piece of paper. The iPad has a stylus accessory you can purchase to make writing and taking notes even easier.


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