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March 29, 2011 / dlitgroup

Luann Keizer – Using Groups in Blackboard

Luann Keizer is a Professor in the Computer Applications Department at GRCC.

Leveraging Groups and Group Assignments for Enhancing Learning

One of the many useful tools in Blackboard 9 is the use of Groups. Groups are sub-sets of all the enrollees in a course and can be used for small group feedback, team projects or any other time sub-sets are needed in a course.

There is evidence that in online courses students participate more and have more interaction with one another and the instructor resulting in more effective learning if split into small groups.

Blackboard 9 has improved the structure and setup of groups making it easy to create groups. Once groups are created, assignments can be created that use the group structure.

The video below is a walk thru of group setup and assignment creation for an online course I teach.

The key steps for group setup that are included in the video:

  • Control Panel
  • User group
  • Name/describe group
  • Define tools available for group use
  • Define selection method for group members
  • Review selected groups, add instructor to group if needed
  • Create assignment
  • Setup/define/describe assignment
  • Set points and availability
  • Assign to groups

It’s that easy! Please put the use of groups in your “toolbox” and I hope you will find it as useful as I have!

Are you interested in learning more about using groups in Blackboard? If so, check out these resources:

Creating Groups in Blackboard

More training opportunities are available through the Center for Teaching Excellence.


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