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March 29, 2011 / dlitgroup

Diane Sparks – Leveraging Blackboard, NBC, and YouTube for Reflection

Diane Sparks is a Professor in the Child Development Department at GRCC.

Engaging, Relevant, and Multimedia-Rich Content that Generates Reflection

In my online hybrid classes and in my on-campus class, I am really excited about using the NBC video clips and YouTube, first, as reflection generators.

As a “teacher of teachers” one of the major goals I have for students is to help them become reflective, thoughtful teachers.

In teaching, much of what you do is related to knowing yourself and children so you can make appropriate choices in your classroom that support optimal development and learning. By having my students reflect and journal about their thoughts and responses, it is helping them be more aware as they move into classrooms with children. In the past, I had been using only written prompts for the students to respond to, but with the NBC clips, they can respond to video excerpts that reflect the larger perceptions of education in our society and it is helping them to see how others see children and school issues. I also use those NBC clips to help students think about and solidify their ideas about education.

NBC Video Content in Blackboard

NBC Video Content in Blackboard

With YouTube, there are a lot of opportunities to help tie classroom theory to the real world- whether it is a video clip that visually illustrates a theory in action or is a clear demonstration of a child’s behavior; the students continue to respond more positively to the visual and auditory demonstrations rather than a description in a text. I have also used these tools as extra credit options in the past. Sometimes I chose the clip or sometimes the student must search out a clip that illustrates an idea or concept.

With the Bb9 Mashup tool, inserting these clips into Bb is really much easier than it used to be. Using it is as easy as Adding Content (to an area in your course) and using the Mashup button to add either YouTube or NBC video.

Are you interested in learning more about using NBC video in your own Blackboard course? If so, check out these tutorials:

How to add YouTube Mashups in Blackboard

How to add NBC Video Content in Blackboard

More training opportunities are available through the Center for Teaching Excellence.


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