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March 15, 2011 / dlitgroup

February 2011 DLIT Faculty Team Update

As part of our continuing effort to inform our community and to keep in touch with our ISIS colleagues, here’s our monthly update:

1. What should your ISIS colleagues know about your work over the past month?

In January, we introduced our new team – Bill Faber, Luann Keizer, Lisa Gloege, Tim Koets, Diane Sparks and Garry Brand. We also introduced our “Evangelist and Liaison” model. Since then, our evangelists have been meeting to discuss how we can support faculty in the use of instructional technologies. Examples include planning for the 5th Annual Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) Showcase, the Spring Online and Hybrid Certification Course (OHCC), and Camtasia Relay.

Camtasia Relay (Lecture Capture)

Past sessions have not drawn large audiences. However, we get many questions about lecture capture from faculty. There is also high demand for lecture capture from students. In our meeting, we recommended that each department get fielded at least one Wireless Lapel and one “Snowflake” USB microphone. We request that leadership determine the appropriate budget and order them immediately. Then, we would go to each department with the microphones and share during their departmental meetings. Finally, the team recommended an upgrade to the latest version on Relay by Summer 2011. We did have issues accessing the test server.

5th Annual Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) Showcase

– Thursday, March 31, 11am-2pm
– 3rd Floor Main (CTE areas). We will do a walkthrough and logistics meeting on Thursday, March 17, 1pm in CTE.
– Klaas reserved 6 large screens. Rental cost for more was cost prohibitive. Klaas will assist with placement.
– Box lunches for presenters. Coordinated (along with snacks and drinks for guests) through Penni.
– Website and Presenter Form prepared.
– Email to Save the Date and Call for Presentations sent by Penni.
– Still need to send out more personal invitations.
– Send Confirmation to Presenters (after reviewing proposals)
– Prepare Presenter Name Tags and Table Tents (ask CTE for assistance)
– Need to promote via website, GRCC Today, personal invites, Social media, blog, twitter

Spring Online and Hybrid Certification Course (OHCC)

Garry (Coordinator)
Diane (Lead Campus Facilitator)
Lisa (Lead Online Facilitator)
Luann (Orientation Facilitator)

Another large group (19)!

miBUG and GVSU Showcase

A group of us will be attending this conference on Friday, March 18 to present, share with peers and assist with ideas for our showcase. We will invite other colleges and universities to our event. DLIT is maintaining the site, adding events and creating a space for Blackboard FAQs.


2. Is your work progressing as planned?

Our work is progressing as planned. The number of Blackboard support questions decreased during and around Spring Break. This has given us more time to do other tasks.

3. What has worked well?

Being able to work as a team!

4. What has not worked?

Initially, we were attempting to do most of our work online (e-mail, Pronto, etc). We’ve found that we need to combine this with meetings to focus our work.

5. What problems/issues are you encountering?

We are still having issues with Blackboard technical issues being directed to our office. We are working through this with the IT Help Desk.

6. In what ways could your ISIS colleagues help you? What other help or support do you need to accomplish your work?

We’re aware that our ISIS colleagues have their own workload. We could benefit most by having them share during the TLT Showcase or helping us find presenters.


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