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March 7, 2011 / dlitgroup

Denise Acevedo – LAND (Liberal Arts Network for Development) Conference Summary

Denise Acevedo is a Professor in the English Department at GRCC.

Connecting, Sharing, and Learning

The 2011 Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) Conference was held February 16-18 in Traverse City at the Park Place Hotel. Wednesday night’s welcome reception was held in the hotel’s Top of the Park lounge, and participants enjoyed a nice variety of food and beverages. More delightful than the food and drinks, however, was the opportunity to mingle with our Michigan colleagues.

Thursday was packed with informative one-hour workshops geared for but not restricted to liberal arts teachers; e.g. “Teaching Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing in the Developmental Composition Classroom” by Gretchen Cline and Regina Salmi, Muskegon Community College, and “Take 5 in the Classroom: Mixing Popular Culture into Review and Criticism” by Ryan Wilson, Delta College. As someone who teaches at GRCC most often in the online format, the session I found most applicable was “Multiple Literacies in the Composition Classroom,” presented by Laura Gabrion, Macomb Community College.

Laura began her session with research-based data, segued into lessons that meet our students’ diverse learning needs and concluded with those multiple literacies that are applicable for the online, hybrid and traditional classrooms.

Although GRCC was not represented in any of the twenty one-hour workshops, Roland Gani and James Hayes were in attendance and worked as part of the 2010-11 LAND Conference Planning Committee.  James was also one of four 2010-11 LAND Competition Coordinators: Student Scholars Conference.  The Conference ended on a high motivational note when students and institutions were awarded prizes for outstanding work. GRCC Faculty member Maryann Lesert, for example, was advisor to a GRCC Student Scholar for her “A Farewell to the Dunes.”

Please extend your congratulations to those students who presented their best work as representatives of our higher education system, and thank your colleagues for inspiring students to meet the needs of the community and world by preparing these individuals to attain their goals and contribute to the community.

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