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March 4, 2011 / dlitgroup

Highlights from “The College of 2020: Students”

The Chronicle of Higher Education has released a report “The College of 2020: Students“.  In this report, there are several references and highlights related to distance learning and instructional technologies:

  • Colleges that have resisted putting some of their courses online will almost certainly have to expand their online programs quickly
  • Students convenience is the future. More students will attend classes online…
  • Students will increasingly expect access to classes from cellular phones and other portable computing devices.
  • Classroom discussions, office hours with a professor, lectures, study groups, and papers will all be online.
  • Recommendations from “Speak Up 2008” survey of 281,000 K-12 students in all 50 states:
  1. Use mobile devices to extend learning beyond the school day.
  2. Incorporate Web 2.0 computing tools into daily instruction, especially those that develop collaborative or social-based learning, and provide unique opportunities for students to be content developers.
  3. Create new “digital textbook” that would allow the students to: personalize the book, take quizzes, real-time access to online tutors, link to PPTs of class lectures, explore through simulations, and access video clips.
  4. Get beyond the classroom walls and make learning truly experiential.

“Nothing is as likely to change the face of higher education over the next decade as the switch to more online learning.”

Factors cited in decisions to offer classes online:

  1. 92% – meeting student demand for flexible schedules
  2. 89% – providing access to college
  3. 86% – making more courses available
  4. 82% – seeking to increase student enrollment

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  1. Grant / Aug 7 2011 3:34 am

    To learn more about the College of 2020 visit

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