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March 1, 2011 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – February 25

The following updates for the the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department for the week ending February 25th.

DEPARTMENTAL – This category includes general tasks, ongoing maintenance, issue tracking, faculty support, and other duties related to the department’s operations.

  • Faculty Support Tickets – In the past week, DLIT responded to 52 requests for assistance regarding Blackboard and other instructional technologies. Time spent over the week of the 18th is estimated at: 830 minutes or 13.8 hours
  • DLIT Blackboard Support Resources – The the Bb 8 tip sheets that were “out there” on the DLIT web pages were removed and replaced with links to the current documents in the Content System: Our intent is to organize and “spice up” the page (with video) once we move to Drupal.
  • iPhone App Downloads – The GRCC iPhone App was downloaded over 19 times from 02/21/11 – 02/27/11.  As teaching and learning via technology continues to grow, mobile technology priority will be important for the college.
  • TLT Showcase Planning – The planning team met on the 24th to discuss plans for this year’s event.  5 locations were selected and the team is working to select and reserve a location for the 5th annual event.  The web site (and call for presenters will be going out soon) is located here:
  • Webinars – 3 online webinars were hosted through the CTE.  “How to Balance Online Learner Needs and Instructor Workload”, Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series “Session #1: Strategies to Engage Students” and “Session #2: Ten Ideas to Help Students be More Engaged in Online Classes”
  • Bb Mashup Session – The CTE assisted in coordinating the registration and logistics of Blackboard Mashups session.  Bill Faber was the lead presenter and was supported by Garry Brand.
  • Bb Basics Session – The CTE assisted in coordinating the registration and logistics of the Basics session.  Bill Faber was the lead presenter and facilitator.
  • DEANS Council Presentation on AGC Bb Use Requirement – Eric Kunnen, Szymon Machajewski, and Peggy Gorno presented at the Deans meeting regarding the AGC “Minimum Use of Blackboard” standard that was adopted and approved during the summer of 2010.  The team presented data from Fall 2010.  Here is the AGC Standard:
    • GRCC Commitment to the Use of Blackboard
      • Rationale:  Grand Rapids Community College recognizes that effective communication and timely feedback on performance contribute to student learning and success. Therefore, GRCC makes the following commitments:
      • Faculty Commitment:  By no later than the second semester of teaching, each faculty member will, at a minimum, use Blackboard to provide students with the course syllabus and faculty contact information. Use of the Blackboard Grade Center to provide regular feedback (where appropriate) is strongly encouraged.
      • Institutional Commitment:  To support this Faculty Commitment, GRCC will provide each teaching faculty member with access to appropriate technology, training for its use, adequate system capacity, and timely technical trouble-shooting.
  • GRCC Blackboard YouTube Tutorials Edited, Collected, and Categorized – 41 videos were updated on YouTube, along with embed code and URLs that can be used to respond to faculty support tickets related to Blackboard.
  • NBC Video Promotion – The Dental Department was emailed to help promote the use of the NBC tool in Blackboard.  Specifically, a series of 16 NEW videos were added and they can be found in: Health & Wellness > Physical
    Health > Oral and Dental Health.
  • Interview for Enterprise Analyst – Eric Kunnen participated in interviews for the new Enterprise Analyst Position.  This position will support Blackboard as a priority with over 90% of this persons time dedicated to supporting Blackboard.
  • Respondus StudyMate Class Evaluation – A new Building Block was installed to test a replacement for StudyMate Author.   StudyMate Class offers a comprehensive solution for mobile devices, including tablets.
  • Learning Lab Training Planning – Early discussions regarding a professional development option for the faculty who will be assigned to teach in the “learn labs” at Sneden this Fall.  Will need to identify faculty facilitators to help support the training of faculty using the technology at the Devos Campus.

ACCESS – GRCC minimizes the barriers of time, place, cost, and educational preparation levels so that all members of the community have an opportunity to participate in college programs.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – GRCC enriches the community through educational and civic programming and partnerships.


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