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February 25, 2011 / dlitgroup

Vicki Meyers – Leveraging Camtasia Relay & Mashups in Blackboard

Vicki Meyers is Professor from the Nursing Department. She teaches Medical-Surgical Nursing III, V, and Comm/Transcultural Nursing III, IV, and Management of Nursing Care courses.

Using Camtasia Relay to Capture Lectures

As a faculty member in the Nursing Department, I am always looking for ways in which my students can access content outside of class. Because we cover a large amount of material (often through Powerpoint) that is often highly complex and technical, students often desire to review the content again at a later date.  This is where the Camtasia Relay tool comes in.   I can easily startup my laptop and begin teaching while also recording my lecture for my students.  After the lecture is finished, I click the stop button, and then submit, and a short time later I am emailed a link that I can insert into Blackboard.

These classroom/lecture-based video clips really make a big difference to my students and the also help to enhance my teaching and my students level of engagement and retention of the material. 

Camtasia Relay lectures can be viewed in Blackboard and also can be downloaded onto my students mp3 and mp4 mobile players!  My students love it!

Integrating YouTube into Blackboard

Additionally, I use the Blackboard “mashups” feature to link various news clips of current health care issues, YouTube videos of personal stories of living with health conditions we are focusing on, or skills videos that offer additional support for the student preparing for clinical experiences or correlating theory to practice.

Providing eBooks and Electronic Resources

I have also begun linking eBooks for references and journals directly to courses in Blackboard which are becoming more readily available for Nursing.

Are you interested in learning more about using Camtasia Relay and Mashups in Blackboard?  If so, check out the following tutorials:

How to use the Mashup tool in Blackboard

How to use Download and use Camtasia Relay

How to use the Raidercast Mashup tool in Blackboard

Additional training opportunities are available through the Center for Teaching Excellence.


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