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February 25, 2011 / dlitgroup

Aimee Kunnen – Online Office Hours with Wimba Pronto

Aimee Kunnen is an Adjunct Professor in the Math Department.

Virtual Office Hours with Wimba Pronto

As an adjunct faculty member in the Math Department, I am always looking for ways to better connect with students.  This is where the Wimba Pronto tool in Blackboard comes in.  I can easily see which of my students are online at any given time and they can also see if I am available to help them.  I often hold office hours from my kitchen table and because math is often difficult to type on a typical keyboard, I take advantage of the whiteboard and voice chat features.

Wimba Pronto allows me to write out complicated math functions on my screen that students can view simultaneously.  This really helps solve my students questions in a timely way so that they don’t have to get stuck on their homework and wait until the next class period to get an answer.  I can also use the whiteboard and hand over control to them to solve the rest of the equation.

Wimba Pronto has made a huge difference for me and my students, allowing me to better connect, communicate, and provide assistance… anytime/anywhere!

Are you interested in learning more about using the Wimba Pronto in your own Blackboard course or for virtual office hours? If so, check out these tutorials:

How to use Wimba Pronto in Blackboard

More training opportunities are available through the Center for Teaching Excellence.


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