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February 9, 2011 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – February 4th and 11th

Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Weekly Report

Week 5 – Ending February 4 & Week 6 – Ending February 11

DEPARTMENTAL – This category includes general tasks, ongoing maintenance, issue tracking, faculty support, and other duties related to the department’s operations.

  • Department Action Plan – The DLIT Department Action Plan was authored and reviewed by the DLIT EOL Faculty. This will be submitted on Friday, the 11th.
  • GRCC Catalog – Eric Kunnen reviewed the Flexible Learning Options catalog entry related to online and hybrid course statements for accuracy and updates.  This report can be challenging to gather since we have last starting classes, the Music department uses “recital” courses which may or may not have any students.  Also, the instructor may be using a course site and it may be difficult for us to determine if a syllabus is added since any document type can be uploaded into Bb.
  • Received Request for EAC Outcomes Building Block – The Nursing Department contacted us regarding interest in piloting the EAC Building Block.  EAC software helps nursing programs facilitate assessment through Blackboard. EAC provides detailed item and validity statistics, including KR-20’s, point biserial correlations, and p-values, for exams students take in Blackboard.  More info is available at:
  • AGC Report – Eric Kunnen and Szymon Machajewski met to review reporting needs for an upcoming Deans Council report related to the AGC Minimum Blackboard Use standards adopted this past summer. The team of John Cowles, Steve Abid, Szymon Machajewski, and Eric Kunnen also reviewed and brainstormed ideas and to scope the report project.

    • Phase 1
      • We CAN tell if the course is empty.
      • We CAN tell if the instructor hasn’t accessed the course.
      • We CAN tell if the instructor has added staff information (if they are using that tool).
      • We CAN tell if the course/instructor has added columns to the Grade Center.
      • We can NOT tell if an uploaded MS Word file is a syllabus or not.
  • Phase 2
    • In the future, we would need to specify instructions for faculty to place their syllabus in a specific location or other strategy.
    • We plan to customize further reports that are required/desired by Deans Council.
    • BbStats will report all courses that are empty. [Linked to Extending Blackboard DAP]
    • DISC – Participated in a 3 hour worksession to review and compare the ISIS Directors results of the DISC.
    • DLIT Faculty Report – Garry Brand authored a DLIT Faculty report in preparation for the ISIS meeting on the 28th.  The following questions are highlighted:
      • What should your ISIS colleagues know about your work over the past month?
      • What has worked well?
      • What has not worked?
      • What problems/issues are you encountering?
      • In what ways could your ISIS colleagues help you?
      • Please share your stories, observations, experiences, learning.
      • See:
  • Online Grade Center Training Course – Bill Faber completed work on developing an online (open entry/open exit) Blackboard training course for faculty on the Grade Center.
  • DL Trend Report – A distance learning trend report was prepared for the Provost.  See:
  • New DL Website Work – Preliminary work was conducted on a complete and brand new revision of the DL set of web pages that are both student and faculty facing.  The goal is to combine the student web site and faculty side together into 1 comprehensive set of pages.
  • Instructional Software Requests – Met with Jeff Kissinger to review requests from DLIT for Fall 2011 the following list was recommended:

1) Classrooms and Labs

– Camtasia Relay (new version 3.x) – (instructor stations only)

– Wimba Voice Tools (ensure playback with proper Java applet JRE support)

– Respondus Lockdown

– General Browser (Java, Javascript, Flash, PDF)

– Wimba Pronto (all computer labs if supported by department in which the lab resides)

2) 351M

– Requesting NetOps Software *NEW

– Respondus Lockdown

– Respondus

– Respondus StudyMate

– Camtasa Relay (new version 3.x) – (all stations including instructor)

– Wimba Voice Tools (ensure playback with proper Java applet JRE support)

– General Browser (Java, Javascript, Flash, PDF)

– Wimba Pronto


ACCESS – GRCC minimizes the barriers of time, place, cost, and educational preparation levels so that all members of the community have an opportunity to participate in college programs.

  • Online Course Evaluation Rubric – Eric Kunnen created an evaluation form that could be used by a committee to review courses that are new and where faculty have been paid to develop. See:  (This was developed using a template provided by Palo Alto Community College (April Zimmerman) and the GRCC DL Standards, Bb Exemplary Course Rubric, and other resources. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Webinar Scheduled –  A live webinar (from Faculty Focus – was scheduled and planned to be offered through the Center for Teaching Excellence.  The webinar is entitled: “How to Balance Online Learner Needs and Instructor Workload” and will be held on February 23 at 1PM.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – GRCC enriches the community through educational and civic programming and partnerships.

  • ASTRO Conference Call – Seneca College, Ivy Tech Community College, and GRCC met via conference call to review Project ASTRO and to brainstorm a possible NSF grant opportunity.
  • Bb Learn Suggestion Squad – Provided suggestions on User Voice for improvements and enhancements with the Bb Community System.

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